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With every turn of the soil, we invoke the blessings of the Pollen Whales, for their arrival heralds the promise of prosperity.
— Charbroil Patty, Leader of the Fizzriders
The Blessing of the Fields is a significant and ancient ceremony that takes place in the Burger Plains, marking the transition from the barren winter months to the fertile and abundant spring season. It serves as a time of preparation and reverence for the forthcoming arrival of the Pollen Whales, whose presence brings hope for a prosperous harvest.   As winter recedes and the first signs of spring emerge, the local farmers eagerly anticipate the Pollen Whales' migration. In the weeks leading up to the ceremony, communities come together to meticulously prepare for the event. Traditional songs, dances, and prayers are practiced, ensuring that the ancient customs are upheld with precision.

Into the Fields

The atmosphere during the Blessing of the Fields is filled with anticipation and hope. The farmers eagerly await the arrival of the Pollen Whales, trusting that their efforts, coupled with the Bunslinger's blessings, will yield fruitful rewards.   The act of turning over the fields is deeply symbolic, signifying the cyclical nature of life, renewal, and the unyielding hope for a bountiful harvest. It represents a tangible expression of the farmers' faith in the land's potential to provide for them and their families. Turning over the fields is a collective endeavor that transcends individual interests and fosters a strong sense of camaraderie. Farmers from various villages unite to work side by side, reinforcing the notion that their destinies are intertwined with the land they cultivate.
At the heart of the Blessing of the Fields is the Bunslinger, a respected figure believed to possess a special connection with nature and the Pollen Whales. Their identity remains shrouded in secrecy, as they discreetly blend into the group of farmers, donning a disguise to remain unnoticed.   During the ceremony, the Bunslinger weaves among the farmers, silently reciting ancient incantations and performing subtle gestures to invoke the blessings of the Pollen Whales. It is believed that these sacred rituals will enhance the Pollen Whales' favor upon the fields, resulting in an abundant harvest season.
  While the labor involved in turning over the fields is earnest, the people of the plains infuse the occasion with joy and celebration. Laughter, music, and feasting accompany the work, transforming the fields into a vibrant festival ground. As the whales come into view, they clear any of the festivites to make way for the whales.
Location: Burger Plains
Participants: Farmers, Villagers, Bunslinger
Attire: Colorful garments and rock candy crowns
The Burger Plains use rock candy glass as a unique listening device, finely attuned to the resonant frequencies of the Pollen Whales' melodic songs. As the whales soar nearer, their melodious symphony vibrates the glass with a distinct hum, alerting the farmers and communities below of the imminent migration.


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21 Jul, 2023 21:42

Beautiful. I love the sense of community this invokes.

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21 Jul, 2023 23:42

Thank you! I think there needs to be a closer knit community in such a 'lawless' area. Everyone needs to look out for one another so the entire community thrives <3

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I particularly like the communal aspect of this.

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I love how the farmers work as a community to turn over the fields - and how the Bunslinger chooses to blend in with the farmers instead of standing apart for a grand ceremony.

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