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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a ceremony that represents a transition or transfer
A total of 221 entries

Coronation of the King of Anakrion

Coronation in the Teardrop Sea Islands

Coronation of the Maiden Queen

The MC Induction Ceremonies

Investiture of Authority

Lorgan's Notes: Death's Judgment

Tournoi de la Flamme Eternelle

The Coronation of the Queen of Hearts

Faren funerary traditions

The Revenir - Suceran Ascendance Rites

The Crystalline Conjunction

Bilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement in Regard to the Transference of CFO/CEO Duties

Tatharian Imperial Change of Command Ceremony

Yak'kolishi Funerary Procession

SC.2023.29. Tsou Cherry Petal Day

Samospak: the Triumph of Business

Festival of the Transfer of the Regent's Banner

Legacy of Christmas and Claus Coronation