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Yak'kolishi Funerary Procession

Out on the southern-facing cliff of the Upper City is the Gravestand Phalanx—a field of standards, cairns, and urns of hundreds of years of graves gradually overgrown and encased with coral.

  • Reaching the Gravestand is especially challenging for the IdPariShi tel Yak'koli, who are not allowed to use public transportation and must rely on the charity of others to help vouch for them or deliver remains on their behalf. It's not uncommon to see hedonites or certain churchgoers doing this, though it is technically illegal—a standard upheld only when someone is repeat offering it as a service rather than doing it out of goodwill. IdPari are not allowed to engage in commerce with a citizen, so taking payment for it is a breach of the law punishable by fines and jailtime. There are many beggars around the Bottom Shelf station asking for such aid
  • There's a seasonal holiday for the high dive in which people go up and leave their family's ashes and standards behind. On official days, they are allowed to do a traditional High Dive to return to the city, as many of their ancestors once did.
  • There is more esteem if you do it yourself, and it is normal for friends and family to come as well. For most this is a somber affair, but it is in the Yak'koli spirit to have some humor as well, and to speak to the remains of the deceased as though they are still alive.
Location → Jhoutai → KaTai → Yak'koli

Located up on the southern-facing cliff of the Upper City, the Gravestand has always been one of the most remote parts of the city to reach.
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