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The Yok'koli Oculus

The Yok'koli oculus is a 2km wide, almost perfectly circular hole opening into the largest surface ventricle of Yak'koli Coral on Jhoutai.

While the the oculus is naturally formed, it has been reinforced from above, below, and within during Yak'koli's many years of growth, to ensure that edges did not collapse down into the critical infrastructure of Yak'kolithar below.

Alternative Name(s)
The Oculus, The Eye
Location under
Related Tradition (Primary)

Amaitaja stared over the edge of the airship's railing, heart quailing in her chest as the distant prismatic glint of The Fallen Chandelier caught the light of the sun overhead. She took a deep, shuddering breath, and checked the straps of her jumpsuit again.

"Hey," Domornov said, placing his hand on her shoulder. It looked small compared against her. "You'll be fine. I've never seen you back down from anything, and people do this all the time, right?"

"True," she said, nodding, as she placed her clawed hand over his own. "And most even survive."

He went a little pale as well as a chuckle escaped his lips. His skin had already turned pink from what little time they had spent outside of cover—humans didn't tend to do well under the bright glare of the Jhoutaioan sun. "Well... let's do this before I lose my nerve, too."

Hand in hand, they began running down the strip, wind whistling in their ears as they dove into the cool, swirling air of the 5 kilometer drop.


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