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Yak'koli is a city of history, divisions, diversity, and unity. Though Yak'koli has no shortage of internal disputes alienating the upper city from the lower, the southerner from the northerner, and the laborer from the academic, its greatest divide is between the native and the foreigner.

Yak'koli is an oasis centered in many markets along many roads, It is an oasis inaccessible by any terrestrial means, and can only be reached from high above the land--via airship, or from far beneath it, via Undersea liner or by train. This isolation has necessitated a social unity between tel Yak'koli—the people of Yak'koli, who mostly live in its underground and resulted in a hostility towards the outsiders who visit via the skyport and spaceport of the upper city. The locals are cordial, though perhaps a bit too convinced of the wonder of their own city.

You watch through the porthole as the upper city of Yak'koli gleams like a jewel in the seemingly endless landscape of desert canyons. To the north, the city butts against the cliffs, splashing up over its face in the form of penthouse balconies and suspended pools. Flowing southwards from there, the city wraps in a crescent shape around a yawning chasm -- a hole nearly perfectly around and 2 km across. To the south of that is the expo, which is all bright decor and milling clouds.

As the airship sweeps low, you catch a scent of the many foods of the expo.

— The Narrator


  • Location → Jhoutai → KaTai → Yak'koli
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Location → Jhoutai → KaTai → Yak'koli
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Though Yak'koli is treated as a single entity by the outside world, it is more accurate to view its interactions as three cities enclaved into one--each distinct in culture, economy, and geography.

Beyond the walls of Yak'koli, but dependant on it, are a slew of settlements and Outlander Tribes. The ownership of those lands are no so cleanly cut, but the general rule of thumb is to defer to who within the city owns the land.







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