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Yak'kolithon Council Chamber

Though as colorful as the rest of the city, the council chambers are the heart of many grave conversations and long ponderings over the logistics of keeping the city flourishing and its citizens pleased.

She stood before the high, arched door into the council chamber, steeling her nerve and quelling her excitement so that her voice would remain steady and unwavering as she applied for a business loan.

She gripped the calloused wooden handle on the door that led to her dreams of a bright future. She had been waiting for this moment ever since she was a little girl, when she had stared up at the High Council Spire with awe.

The door swung open and with a deep breath of resolve, she strode inside.



The entrance to the council chambers is through a set of three doors. Council members of Yak'kolithon enter the chambers through the left door, which is golden and depicts a textured mural of circuitry and agriculture. Council members of Yak'kolithar enter through the right door, which is blue and depicts a textured mural of machinery, sailing, and mining.

The third door leads to a central dais, where all are welcome to claim their successes, declaim their failings, and make submissions for creating new ventures before a gathered assembly of officials.


The chamber beyond the doors is great chamber with towering stained-glass walls painted and welded to depict great moments all-throughout Yak'koli's history, each captured in a plate of glass made at the end of each year and added to the wall. Among these etched plaques are etchings depicting the city’s founding, the construction of the port first marketplace, the leap of faith of the great hero. from the high dive

The floor is dark and reflective, made from polished coral and shimmering shell.

Though the council chambers are in recess during the big holiday, there's still a few officials to be found in its open halls and inviting studies. Along the walls, ancient volumes stand alongside new ones, each no doubt filled with print outlining the laws of the land, of the world, and of the Pact.

Talk to Barrister
Talk to Reception

Talking to Reception gives you an overview of the purpose of this place -- it's role in the city and the normal activity. Ultimately he points you towards a tired looking barrister.

The barrister isn't happy to see you. She's mostly confused about why you are approaching her, and once you begin talking about your strange dreams to her she becomes short tempered and tells you to take the crackpot theories to the psiolic council over at the museum.

Reading the books on the wall reveals the legal lore of the town (mebbe)


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