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IdPariShi tel Yak'koli


Though much is said of the IdPari of Yak'koli, very little of it is substantiative. If you put a keen eye towards digging through the layered sands of culture and conversation had over time, you will find few pearls of wisdom, and little evidence to prove if a story is mythological or factual.

It may be the halls of the government, wherein all things are to be accounted for, that you will find the cleanest description of the idPari of Yak'koli. They have to know, they have to keep all three places functioning.

In The Barrens, the greatest concern is of keeping the lights on. In the Cliffs it's in keeping the lights off. In the Quarry it's in keeping the people quiet.

— Yak'kolishi Wisdom
Diverged ethnicities


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