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The Dusastryka ceremony (Dussa stree ka)

The Dusastryka ceremony is one of the many rituals practiced around the world that aim to attune the souls of Soulmages to The Ether in order to strenghten their link and by proxy, their ablilties.


Rumalia and its inhabitant are considered by many scholars to be one to invent the original ritual, which was then copied and sometimes modified as its practice spreaded around Arros, then Enaskia, before finaly reaching Osian by the mid-Second Age. Now, the ceremony is widely known all around the world and is an essential step into adulthood for much of the Soulmages population in Hysal.


The ceremony as it was invented by the Rumalian peoples at the start of the second age has gone through several changes since. However, some things haven't changed, particulary in Arros. There are several steps that all Soumages in Arros are required to go through in order to attune their souls to The Ether.

Going to an Etherial Temple

The first step is to travel to a Etherial Temples. Depending on their starting point, this can take multiple days or eve weeks. Since these temple are often very isolated, the last bid of the treck, going up the mountains they sit upon, can be very dangerous. Guides are sometimes avalable, but only for the most popular temples.   In most of Arros, an effort is made to do the treck during the summer, but in Rumalia, the ceremony needs to take place on the last Veosian full moon of the year, in December, meaning that traveling to a Etherial temple in Rumalia is even more dangerous.

The ceremony

Once the soulmage has arrived, he will be welcomed and allowed to rest for a day or two by the Temple master. Once that period of repreave is over, the preparations can begin. These differ slightly from region to region, but ususaly involve the soulmage being isolated in a empty room after consuming Dreamer's tea. The room contains large windows and skylights, that allow the light of Veos to penetrate inside very easely.   Upon drinking the Dreamer's tea, the Soulmages will feel very tired and will be compelled to sleep. As they do, the effects of the tea and the moonlight will transform what would be a normal sleep session into something more. This allows their body to reach a state that allows their souls to detach itself and travel up the Etherial link that links it to the Ether.   As the soul travels along the path layed by its link, it solidifies and reneforces it, which will eventualy allow the Soulmage's abilities to become more powerful while also protecting some soulmages from adverse effects of Silver, like an Ikshai Possession in the case of Shapeshifters.

Entering the Ether

As their souls travel away from Hysal, they enter a sort of in-between region between the physical world and the Ether. During this time, their body which stayed behind, begins to emit a soft blue light, as if it is reflecting the light its receiving from Veos.   Eventualy, after around 10-20 minutes in Hysal, but around 30 seconds in the soulmage's perspective, they will reach the end of the link and arrive in the Ether, completing the objective of the ritual. Usualy, the moment they do, they are violently thrown back to their bodies. They then wake up again and the ritual itself concludes. However, some manage to stay around for a longer period of time, lasting minutes in their perceptive, or days from the POV of the people left in Hysal.


Once they wake up, they can leave the room. The Temple Master gives them a bronze Talismans shaped in the insignia of their specific type of Ability. The Talisman is attached to a necklace which is put around their neck. They then stay in the temple for up to a week to make sure that their bodies safely ajust to the influence as they may experience problems with their abilities best described as growing pains.   This is because although their souls have been attuned to the Ether, their bodies have not and so this can cause problems if they try to use their abilities. After a couple of days, the possible resurgence of these symptoms becomes almost non-existant and are then deemed ready to leave the temple. As they leave, some soulmages may get a generic Talismans which will need to be tailored to their specific needs or wants by a blacksmith.


The usual demographic of people participating in this ritual are teenagers who just developped their Soulbound magic abilities, but people of all ages can participate in the ceremony, as long as they are Soulmages. The temple master and his staff working in the day to day inside the temples will also be present to ensure the well being of the participants during the ritual.


In Arros, The ceremony can be done every month of the Essanian Calendar, on the 16th day, as that is always the day when Veos reaches its full moon phase and is the brightest, while in Rumalia specificaly, the dusastrika ceremony is specificaly observed on the day of the last Veosian full moon of the year, which is the 16th of December.
Components and tools:  
  • Dreamer's tea: A beverage made of Dagfar leaves tea mixed with honey and goat milk. The beverage has a relaxing effect that allows people to meditate. 
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