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Naval Retirement Party

Just like at the end of any long, good crareer, Naval captains must eventually retire. Usually, while saddening with the loss of a good leader, It can be a happy occasion. They Pass the Hat, fill out the paper work, and are immeadiately carted off to the largest party of their careers, uaully taking over at least one restaurant or bar and often spilling into another. The party typically lasts as long as anyone can stand, but it does seem to have a corrolation with how high-ranking the retiring captain is; the higher the rank, the longer the party.  

The Largest Retirement Parties

The Thornguils

In all of the recorded parties, the longest lasted 2 weeks, though it did coenside with a wedding of the captain and her first mate, so that does make it a bit of an outlier. This was between Britt and Salin Thornguil. It took over 2 weeks and several venues as the two crews and hoard of friends and family got kicked out of places periodically to give their waitstaff some time off.

Kayln Gordina

The second largest recorded party was Kayln Gordina's who retired at 94 with a glass eye and defness in both ears. The party really was more for her friends and the massive amount of people she mentored. She spent most of the time in the corner knitting a sweater for her grandchildren and didn't pay much attention to the rapidly growing out of control party.

What constitues as a Retirement Party

Really, the only thing stricly necessary is a good night of fun, friends, and fabulous food, but there are some staples of the more memorable parties. Most parties have an impressive amount of alcohol, usually imported drinks to up the fanciness quality. Friends are invited, as well as family and their crew and possibly other crews if a big enough impact was made. On higher ranking officials retirement, other captains can come and pay their respects.   At some point, the party will go back tot he ship briefly, docked and empty, almost as a final goodbye to their naval life.


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