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Nekurian Sucession

Whatever loss and gain will there be after I die? The next king will have to carry the burdens that I have carried and created. Successions are not a danger to Nekuram, but it is a danger to Nimenra...
— A late Demon Lord and King of Nekuram
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The death of a king is filled with mourning and sadness for extended periods of time. However, the country needs leadership and none as much as Nekuram with its king. As the country's leader and monarch, the king has a substantial influence over the matters of state and decisions are much harder to reach without one. Thus the Nekurian Succession is one of the most important traditions for the court and the running of the country.


Upon the death of the late King of Nekuram the new is formally the king as soon as he is confirmed by the Nekurith Council. In all aspects he becomes king but it is only when accepted and chosen by a majority of the council that he is officially the king of all Necur. Close advisors and family to the late king have a stronger impact as they represent the late king's will, thus one could see it as them choosing the next king. However, without the council's approval, a king will not be a figure of stability for long.


After the chosen successor has been accepted, a coronation ceremony is held within the year depending on the grandeur that the king wants. Few have ever done grandiose coronations and instead held more moderate kinds within the next few months with the leaders of regions and the council gathered. Announcement and celebration of the succession is held in the capital for all. Settlements all over Narzuvim hold celebrations as the news gradually arrive. It can take upwards of six months for the most eastern regions such as Galduri to know of a new king if not brought by messenger bird.
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Disputed Sucession

Council members can dispute the king and have to do so openly with an explanation to as why they do. The most recent and notable example of this is when Prince Issra, the current king Ricus' cousin, was disputed by Arthon. Issra as the son of the late king were to become king had it not for Arthon to on the day dispute as a notable member of the court. This led to a stalemate between those who supported Issra and those who supported Ricus, who Arthon presented as the alternative.
In the situation where a king is disputed by a high-ranking, reputable or notable member of the court and council they explain their reasoning for doing so. This explanation is taken as an open debate in the The Palace of Nekuram's main audience chamber. The disputer takes the floor and presents their case, starting the debate on who shall become the next ruler and why the current crown prince is not suitable for the role. After the initial presentation, the disputer is interrogated by council members and advisors. The debate can erupt above the disputer between other council members during the process. Any other potential disputes and problems the council can have with the next king are thus expressed. These debates can run for long periods but only up to one week when the decision from the late king's death has to be made.

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