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Pit Promenade

The "Pit Promenade" or "Drinks Around the Pit" is a ceremony where a resident of the Kirinal Concordance Zone has a drink, meal, or recharge in every city around the Zone in the same day. It is considered the mark of a true Kirinalo!

It doesn't matter if you've been in the Kirinal Concordance Zone for years to serve the Concordance or you're here to visit Heaven for a day. If you haven't "Run the Ring", you're not really one of us.

I completed "Drinks Around the Pit" with my Ceremony Siblings the day after we made our Declarations! Ah to be freshly re-born!

When I finally made it to the Zone as a young berserker, my hordemates called me "snow fresh" and refused to give me any respect. Once I made my first "Shatter Kill" I though it would change, but it didn't. But on our next leave day, they took us "snowies" out at dawn and began our Pit Promenade around the Zone!

We drank countless rounds and rode the rails for the entire day. The next dawn I sat under Chagroth's Tower drinking a Bloody Maryam. My hordemates came to embrace me, bludgeon my shoulders, and call me a true Kirinalo! I've never been prouder!

The popular tradition known as the "Pit Promenade" involves a group of friends or squadmates getting together after a significant event in their lives and having a drink in each city or Canton around the Kirinal Pit in the same day. More cautious revelers alternate a meal in between rounds of drinks. Teetotalers can just have a temperance drink, a meal, or a snack at every stop. They usually take the Inner Ring Railroad, but wealthy or powerful celebrants sometimes commission skyships or portal travel to maximize their time in each city. It is considered a rite of passage into adulthood and from tourist to Kirinalo.

The incident that inspires a "drink-go-round" varies from group to group. Members of the Kirinal Defenders usually go to celebrate surviving their first combat Shatter or "Day of War". Wizard's Peak University students come after they graduate and begin their service to the Concordance. Soulforged come after their "Ceremony of Release" when they become adults. Soulforged members of the "Ungorged" sect who do not eat or drink can instead visit a recharge station in each city.

Entulesse Origins

No one know for sure who started this drinking tradition, but everyone agrees that it was probably Entulesse elves celebrating their Cabed Maitulie before they began their service in the Thayan Armada. The "Pit Promenade" shares many of the hallmarks with the elven rite of passage: indulgence, polite debauchery, and celebrating the victory of life over death.

Running the Ring

While there are no official rules, every Kirinalo knows that you have to "Run the Ring" in 24 hours. It takes roughly one hour to take the train from city to city in each Canton of the Zone. Riding the trains takes an hour and waiting in stations can take an hour or two. With 8 to 9 hours in transit, that means each "runner" has less than 2 hours in each city to get drinks and get get back to the train station!

I "Run the Ring" at least once a year to prove to myself that I've survived another year in the Armada! My favorite way to do it is to have a drink and a balut in every slice! I've taken hundreds of recruits on their Mad God's Gamble around the Pit!!

I can always tell when some poseur is lying about being a Runner. You can see it in their eyes! We like to call them Kiri-no-nos!

Every group completes their Promenade differently depending on where they live, where they're based, and what functions they serve in the Zone. Along with the time constraints, each of the Cantons has different difficulties. Magister's Enclave does not allow non-spellcasters inside the city walls after sunset. The Tortoise city of the dwarves literally moves around inside its slice. Promenaders take all of these difficulties as a challenge!

The Slices of the Zone Tour

The route we take today is called "The Axe to The Tower". We start at dawn in Mended Axe on Faerie and end at Tower Town as a Manifest Heaven dawns in the Kirinal Pit.

You can't really consider yourself a Kirinalo unless you've experienced everything the Zone has to offer! Just be careful with my drinks, they're easy going down, but they'll knock you out for the night! Just like me!

Mended Axe - 6:30 AM

We start with a quiet breakfast in Mended Axe. At dawn the orcs go to bed for the day and the Alian Tribesmen hide from the temperate sun. You'll have stone streets, charming battlements, and amusing taxidermy all to yourself!

I prefer the Axe at night, but I understand most folks hate getting into random brawls! I'd recommend you have a "Bloody Maryam" and "Bacon 'n Beans". I like mine with real blood, but you can sub in tomaty juice if you prefer!

Sgt. Kill Flayer

Garrison City - 9:30 AM

Where better to have brunch than in Garrison City, with the best food culture in the Zone! We've arranged for you to experience Lola's Comfy Kitchen! The owner, Mr. Pamplona has brought a tasting of egg dishes, meriendas, and mimosas!

Welcome to the Comfy Kitchen Experience! Kuya Buwaya can't fit into the city, but he sends you his blessing! Enjoy a mango mimosa while we prepare thunder sausilog! When you're done, we have bibingka and ube puto for you to take on the train!

Menelost Telperion - 12:30 PM

Next we arrive at Menelost Telperion where you have the honor of dining in the shadows of the great silver tree itself. There are many beautiful restaurants and taverns in Silver Shadow Grove which is a short walk from the train station.

It's a shame you're going to Silver Shadow Grove during the day! Yeah the food halls and taverns are amazing, but the clubs and night life here are amazing! If you want to dance your heart out, this is the place for you! Next time you come I'll get you some balut that will blow your mind!

— Lt. Aymer Ulalen

Aurumopolis - 3:30 PM

In the Golden City of Aurumopolis, you'll have high tea at the fabulous Bayani-Sun Casino! Make sure you get drinks from "This One" the resident brain-in-a-jar Mix-o-mancer who makes drinks with fabulous telekinesis!

I see that you've come to visit my little corner of the Zone! Welcome, please enjoy yourselves and make sure to tip your servers! The buffets here serve the best cuisine in the multiverse and the casinos have the best payouts in the universe! Once your soul is refreshed, maybe we can talk some business?

— Ambassador of Hell

Magister's Enclave - 6:30 PM

For dinner we visit the famous Food Cart Festival outside the gates of Magister's Enclave. You can get Organic Mushroom Bowls, Sprouted Rat on a Stick, and Craveable Cantrips. Best of all are the gourmet golem cookies from Blanche's Buttery Bakery!

Instead of supporting the corrupt Magister's, you can come to Goblin Town and spend your money here! Your broke ass already lost all your bilog in Aurumopolis. Do you know the one place you can still get sloshed for cheap? Goblin Town! Stop by for a glass of Soursap Mead, humans seem to actually like it!

Tridenser City - 9:30 PM

In Tridenser City you'll get a pick me up for your body, mind, and spirit! In the city of Soulforged and Paladins you'll get coffee with liqeur, sacramental wine, and vigorous conversation!

Welcome to the world's only majority soulforged city. While we do not require food and drink as other mortals do, we can still ingest such substances! I myself enjoy mineral oil with lemon and the crunch of scallop shells. But I know that most other mortals do not share my penchant for shells! May I recommend the meat of the scallops in white wine instead?

— Instructor of Recruits

The Tortoise - 12:30 AM

Your midnight snack is in the famous Tortoise of the dwarves! This city on wheels is a marvel of maharlitech and has the best Earth Dwarven mushroom based cuisine! Their infamous Psychic Beer cannot be missed!

I keep a book with detailed reviews of each beer hall and tavern establishment that I have ever visited! I've calculated that the "best bang for your bilog" can be found at the "Turnt Tortoise Tavern"! They have an incredible ratio of mountain goat meat to mushrooms in their stew! I also keep a detailed chart of Psychic Beer effects for when you're ready!

Tower Town 3:30 AM

Finally we greet the dawn again in Tower Town. Mimosa's and Wizard's Brew will provide hydration and a little hair of the dog will negate hangovers. Stay awake until the Navigator summons the Manifest Heaven before your very eyes!

I do declare, you've arrived here at Grig's Grotto just when the dancing has started to die down. But we will never leave a customer disappointed! Macon! Get these fine folks biscuits and beer! No guests of ours are going to leave the grotto hungry or thirsty! I just need you to present your ident-a-hedron so we can open your tab!

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