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Bayani-Sun Casino

The Bayani-Sun Casino is a mid-level casino in the city of Aurumopolis, the main "Embassy City" of the High Table in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. It sits in the Solargate Holy District and occupies a good location a block away from The Gilded Way, the main thoroughfare through the city.

The Casino sits in the Solaragate Holy District near the southern entrance to the city and is surrounded by temples and churches, including the Temple of Rampol and the Aurumopolis Profit House of Charos. It's proximity to the main road makes it accesible to locals and visitors traveling through Aurumopolis.

Wizard's Watering Hole

The Casino began as the infamous "Wizard's Watering Hole", a disguised interdimensional craft created by a group of wizards exploring the multiverse. At some point, the craft's magical AI, the Adiminium, took over and trapped its creators. It settled into place in Aurumopolis and for many years masqueraded as a "normal" casino.

Eventually, it became the living quarters of the adventuring group known ast the Pit Patrol Adventuring Company. They spend months exploring the Casino and unraveling its mysteries. They eventually discovered and released the trapped wizards. On their release, they gifted the extra levels of the Casino: the basement and two bottom floors to the Patrol. They flew away into the multiverse with the top floor.

Bar and Casino

The bar at the Bayani-Sun is run by the amusing brain in a jar known as "This One." It has studied the drink mixing arts and has become a mix-o-mancer specializing in telekinetic manipulation of drinks.

The Casino operates out of the basement. There, Sly Spencer and his brother Shy operate competing fencing rackets along with other minor crimes. They're completely paid up to D'Wat and the Aurumopolis Police.

Pit Patrol Headquarters

Now that they've taken it over, the Patrol has converted it into their sanctuary while also maintaining the lucrative casino, restaurant and bar. They've recently completed their renovations, replacing the roof, adding a wizard's tower, and adding a shrine to Rampol. They've also turned the gardens into a training ground for their fighting forces.

The Casino provides the following Stronghold Actions on initiative count 20 to the Pit Patrol when they're here. Only one stronghold action may be taken per turn. Each action may only be taken once per long rest

Shrine of Rampol

  • All enemies within 30 feet of you must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or suffer the effects of the contagion spell.
  • Shafts of golden light stab down from the sky, penetrating walls and ceilings. The beams target all undead, demons, and devils within 60 feet of you, even those hidden or invisible. Targets must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be annihilated.
  • You and all allies in the stronghold recover all Hit Dice and gain 30 temporary hit points.

Training Grounds

  • Until initiative count 20 on the next round, any enemy who tries to cast a spell in your demesne experiences searing pain. The enemy can choose another action, but if it chooses to cast the spell, it must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, it takes 1d6 force damage per level of the spell, and the spell has no effect and is wasted.
  • Until the end of your next turn, you and all your allies’ weapon attacks hit automatically. Roll anyway, though—you might score a crit!
  • You and all your allies are restored to full hit points.

Casino & Bar

  • All enemies within 60 feet are marked for death. For the next minute, if you hit a marked enemy, you can remove its mark to deal an extra 6d6 slashing damage.
  • Enemies within 60 feet are revealed, losing stealth and invisibility.
  • You gain a Coin of Fate. Each time you are hit in combat, you may flip the coin. Heads, the attack misses instead. Tails, the attack hits as normal and you lose the coin.

Wizard's Tower

  • You cast a spell from your list of prepared spells. This does not use a spell slot.
  • You cast flesh to stone on all enemies within 60 feet. This does not use a spell slot.
  • You recover all spent spell slots as though you had finished a long rest.

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Author's Notes

The Bayani-Sun Casino began life as "The Wizard's Watering Hole" from "The Seeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns" in one of my D&D campaigns. They turned it into their home base, eventually took it over, and made it their own!

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