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Session 40: The Lich King & The Time Tunnel Report

General Summary

The party is met by their three mentors: Temporalis the Time Dragon, Janus the Sphinx, and Rampol, the God in the Tree. They see a rupture in time coming that could mean the end of the world. Something is coming from the past into the present and it’s damaging the timeline as it comes to the present. They must preserve the timeline by any means necessary.

The force comes to the Bayani-Sun Casino and it wants something from them. The three great powers will put the Casino into a time bubble to prevent a cataclysm from happening in the present.

Clockwork Werewolves.

For their first challenge, they must face a loup garou and his pack of wolves. They have been infected with Hidden Moon Frenzy and their forms are full of strange clockwork. They have strange magitech powers.

The frenzied wolves enter through the casino in the basement. Where the Pit Patrol confronts them along with Shy & Sly Spencer. The rogues who work for Shy & Sly get ready to also defend the Casino. "Do you think we can get a discount on rent?"

Sly reveals that he is actually an oni and the two of them say that they'll deal with the werewolves. The Pit Patrol goes upstairs while leaving Shy & Sly to defend their place of business.

The Mummy Queen

On the nest level up, in the restaurant and theater they find the Mummy Queen who has transformed that floor into a mix of her tomb and the Bayani-Sun Casino. They see the echoes through time of her charges, the 1,000 sorcerer-kings from across time. She seeks a way to release them from their time-locked prison, especially her master at the end of time. She and her minions, lesser mummies and an invisible undead spirit battle the Patrol until they manage to defeat her and return that floor of the Casino to normal.

The Lich King

They finally go up to the floor where their own rooms are located. The door to T-R01d's room opens and a dread figure that the soulforged warrior certainly recognizes emerges. The Lich-King has come forward in time. By his garb and scars, T-R01d knows that this version of the lich has not yet reached his full power.

"I have come forward in time to find he who shall be my greatest general, Sahl Uzan. I feel him inside you, the living automaton. I see that I will have to break you open to release him. T-R01d and D'Wat make convincing arguments that they should be allowed to fight for the right to keep T-R01d as he is. The Lich King nods and summons two illrigger knights and two skeleton knights to fight the Patrol. He stand in the back of the hallway and watches.

The Patrollers hold off the knights for a while, taking them down one by one as the Lich King prepares himself only a few dozen feet away from them.

As they defeat the last of his knights, the Lich King says, "Enough."

He unleashes necromantic power on them and then slays T-R01d with word of power. As the soulforged body crumples under the Lich King's words, the soul of Sahl Uzan emerges.

The Lich King says, "Come with me Sahl Uzan." With a gesture, he summons the spirit of his general as a ghostly mist surrounds them and they disappear back in time.

Oyxuysi performs some quick repairs on T-R01d's body and manages to revivify him, summoning what's left of his soul back into his body. T-R01d sits up, but he feels something strange inside of him.

He knows that the Lich King has implanted a part of his own soul into his chassis. He has become the phylactery of the undead tyrant.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Report Date
06 Nov 2023
Primary Location

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