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T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant

The Death-Bound Revenant

In his first life T-R01d was Sahl Uzan, an orcish warrior who served as a loyal member of the army of the Lich King, an enigmatic and malevolent ruler seeking dominion over the realms of Lozar. Sahl's heart was consumed by darkness, and he embraced the path of evil.

He died fighting against Lozar during the Disintegration of Kirinal, a catastrophic event that gave rise to the mysterious Pit. As fate would have it, Sahl's life ended during this calamity, and his soul was drawn into the clutches of the necromancer Dolgathan.

In the time between his existence as Sahl and his rebirth as T-R01d, Dolgathan subjected Sahl's soul to torment and darkness. Bound within the necromancer's malevolent experiments, Sahl's spirit endured unimaginable horrors as he was used to fuel the dark magic and twisted experiments that would transform Dolgathan into a dracolich.

Eventually, the soul of Sahl Uzan was transferred into a new form—a soulforged named T-R01d. This new existence brought with it its own set of challenges. Haunted by the nightmares of his time as a captive soul within Dolgathan's necromantic machinations, T-R01d struggled to find peace and purpose in his new identity.

As T-R01d embraced his role as a member of the Pit Patrol, the memories of his past life as Sahl and the horrors he endured under Dolgathan's control continued to plague his dreams. The nightmares of the zombie kaiju and the malevolent deeds committed by his own former self haunted him relentlessly, serving as a grim reminder of the darkness he once embraced.

Despite his inner turmoil, T-R01d found solace and support among his companions in the Pit Patrol. The bonds forged with D'Wat, Zernon, Thirteen, Oyxuysi, and Lucius became a guiding light in the darkness that threatened to consume him.

After a prolonged internal struggle, T-R01d, the soulforged illrigger, found himself unable to escape the darkness that haunted him. The nightmares of his past life as Sahl Uzan, the orcish warrior serving the Lich King, continued to torment him, and he yearned for a way to rid himself of this burden.

In a moment of desperation, T-R01d made a fateful decision—to relinquish his existence as a soulforged and embrace his former self, Sahl Uzan. He believed that by returning to his original form, he might find a way to confront and conquer the darkness within him. Guided by the hope that redemption lay on this path, he took a leap of faith.

Upon transforming back into Sahl, memories of his past life surged within him. Old habits and malevolent thoughts resurfaced, threatening to consume him once more. Despite his sincere desire for redemption, the allure of the darkness was powerful, and Sahl found himself drawn to the sinister ways he once embraced.

His friends from the Pit Patrol, unaware of the transformation, were alarmed when they encountered the malevolent Sahl Uzan. Zernon, driven by the desire to protect his comrades and confront the darkness head-on, was compelled to take drastic action. With a heavy heart, Zernon struck down Sahl, destroying the form that had temporarily held T-R01d's soul.

As the life force left Sahl's body, an ethereal transformation took place. T-R01d was reborn once more, his soul returning to the soulforged form he had initially adopted. The experience had taught him a crucial lesson—the path to redemption was not about abandoning his true self, but rather about facing his inner demons and striving for growth and change.

With newfound clarity, T-R01d embraced his identity as a soulforged once again, vowing to confront the darkness within and overcome the nightmares that haunted him. He understood that his journey of redemption would not be easy, but he was determined to find strength and hope in the bonds he had forged with his companions in the Pit Patrol.

As he continued to battle the forces of darkness, T-R01d remained mindful of the choices he made and the impact they had on himself and those around him. He sought to atone for the actions of his past life as Sahl Uzan, proving to his friends and to himself that he could be more than the creature of darkness he once was.

The road to redemption was a long and arduous one, but T-R01d's unwavering determination and the support of his friends served as beacons of light, guiding him away from the shadows that threatened to consume him. In the face of adversity, he found strength and hope in the knowledge that his journey towards redemption was a testament to the power of transformation and the potential for growth and change within every soul, no matter how tormented by darkness it may be.

T-R01D, a warforged obsessed with rune-carving and giant-kind, seeking to restore glory to the giants in the world of Lozar. "In the name of The Prime, I shall free the Storm Queen and bring about a new age of giants."

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