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Pit Patrol Adventuring Company

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of World of Wizard's Peak
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Supporting Cast
  • Captain Balthazar
    Captain in the Army of the City of Brass. Incinerate's commanding officer, gave the quest to find her to the party.
  • Fedora
    Fez's mom. Was working at the Hex Crystal Alloy Mine Got injured in a kruthik infestation, saved by her son and the party.
  • Korda Goldmaster
    Strong, tattooed female dwarf. Imprisoned crime lord.
  • Scout Incinerate
    A fire genasi ranger. She was lost investigating a tomb outside the City of Brass.
  • Sgt. Alcanus Firehoof
    A centaur sergeant on the Kirinal Pit in charge of sending new recruits on their missions. No nonsense and gruff.
  • Skypilot Soot
    Non combatant fire genasi sky pilot. She ferries the party around the Pit at the command of Sgt Firehoof.

Sessions Archive

23rd Jun 2024

Session 59: Shattered Tiamat

15th Jun 2024

Session 58: The Forge and the Ball

11th Jun 2024

Session 57: The Storm Princess and the Plain of Ash

7th Jun 2024

Session 56: The Giant Moot

6th Jun 2024

Session 55: Tambanakua's Volcano

2nd Jun 2024

Session 54: The Beginning of the End

12th Apr 2024

Session 53: The Eggs of the Minokawa, Part 2

30th Mar 2024

Session 52: The Eggs of the Minokawa

24th Mar 2024

Session 51: The War of the Gluttons Begins

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10th Mar 2024

Session 50: The Light Eating Dragon

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2nd Mar 2024

Session 49: Worms Turning

18th Feb 2024

Session 48: The Bayani-Sun Adrift

28th Jan 2024

Session 47: Back at the Bayani-Sun

12th Dec 2023

Session 46: A Day on the Barrow Shard

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3rd Dec 2023

Session 45: Attack of the Can Openers

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26th Nov 2023

Session 44: Wrapping Up In Eladriel

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17th Nov 2023

Session 43: The Sorrow of Gaiaroth

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11th Nov 2023

Session 42: The Eyes of Viridian Gaze

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2nd Nov 2023

Session 41: Kings of Elves & Vampires

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26th Oct 2023

Session 40: The Lich King & The Time Tunnel

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17th Oct 2023

Session 39: Housekeeping

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14th Oct 2023

Session 38: The Keep of Lord Xerthas Shadowbane

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3rd Oct 2023

Session 37: Changing of the Guard

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29th Sep 2023

Session 36: The Annual Aurumopolis Golden Gala

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24th Sep 2023

Session 35: Beholder Lair and the Ascent of Lucius

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15th Sep 2023

Session 34: Far Realm: Aerie of the Minokawa

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9th Sep 2023

Session 33: Through the Shadowfell

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1st Sep 2023

Session 32: Mystery of the Minokawa

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25th Aug 2023

Session 31: Return to the Terminal Excresence

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18th Aug 2023

Session 30: Inside Mecha-Tiamat

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11th Aug 2023

Session 29: The Tree of the Sun

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5th Aug 2023

Session 28: Celestial Rampage of the Arimoanga

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28th Jul 2023

Session 27: Ambush of the Advanced Illithids

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23rd Jul 2023

Session 26: The Blackwood Redux

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14th Jul 2023

Session 25: The Trial of the Stars and the Lost Goddess of Icy Revenge

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30th Jun 2023

Session 24: Pit Meating of the Minds

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23rd Jun 2023

Session 23: The Founder of House Ionite

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17th Jun 2023

Session 22: Escape the Blackwood and the Dracohydra

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8th Jun 2023

Session 21: The Return of T-R01d and the Kitchen

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4th Jun 2023

Session 20: Three Good Boys and One Bad Boy

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2nd Jun 2023

Session 19: Skiff Races and Meeting Sahl-uzan

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27th May 2023

Session 18: A Change of Plans, Featuring Ol' Staffer

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19th May 2023

Session 17: Lucius' True Origins

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12th May 2023

Session 16: Consequences

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7th May 2023

PPAC Session 15: Hive of the Ghoul-kin

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29th Apr 2023

Session 14: River Adventures

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23rd Apr 2023

PPAC Session 13: Massacre on the Moonleaf Express

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14th Apr 2023

PPAC Session 12: Trial of the Moon

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7th Apr 2023

Session 11: Unexpected Journey to the Moon

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24th Mar 2023

PPAC Session 10: Moons-a-palooza

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17th Mar 2023

PPAC Session 9: Welcome to Aurumopolis

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10th Mar 2023

PPAC Session 8: Arimaongo, Aswang, & Limbo Liches

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4th Mar 2023

PPAC Session 7: Lola Carly's Kitchen and the Trial of the Sun

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24th Feb 2023

PPAC Session 6: Break in to Revel's End & Zombie Attack

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10th Feb 2023

PPAC Session 5: Sky Pirate Ambush and Greystone Relics

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3rd Feb 2023

PPAC Session 4: Titans & Grottos

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28th Jan 2023

PPAC Session 3: Back to the Hex Mines

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21st Dec 2022

Episode 2.5: Baku Backups, the Anamas Eve Siege

After the destruction of the Transmog Oven, the Baku Backups attempt to keep the recovered children safe from the predations of Aswang.

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17th Dec 2022

Episode 2: The Nightmare Before Anamas

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3rd Dec 2022

Episode 1: Infestation of the Hex Crystal Mine

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22nd Oct 2022

Episode 0: One-Shot, Welcome Pit Meat

Fresh recruits enter the Kirinal Pit for the first time!

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This story is told by

The Protagonists

Servant of the Sun Lucius Solara

Oyxuysi Oyxuys

Time-keeper of Bluxton Noctus Lunara

Inquisitor of the All-Father T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant

D’Wat Bestia


Fez the Jest