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Aurumopolis Profit House

Temples devoted to the worship of Charos, the god of commerce, are called Profit Houses. The grandest of them all, the Aurumopolis Profit House, is here in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. Their clergy are referred to as "Profits". They preach the "Golden Gospel" in these huge gilded pyramids to congregations of thousands every week. They accept anyone and everyone regardless of race or creed... as long as you can tithe.

The Profits in those golden pyramids say that they don't judge you, but you ain't getting in without the entrance fee! They say you'll get your tithes back ten-fold, you just need to have "faith"! If you believe that, I've got a Wall to sell you! The Aurumopolis Mega-Profit House brings in a dragon's hoard of gold every week! It has as many guards as a Pit Fortress, but it's empty when they're not engaged in revenue-generating activities!

Giant gilded pyramids have begun to grow in cities throughout the world as the worship of Charos, the God of Commerce, has become more and more popular. The greatest of these is the Aurumopolis Profit House that brings in tens of thousands of gold pieces every week. Their "Golden Gospel" demands that their tithes come in the form of physical money or objects. They do not accept the virtual currency known as Bilog that is used throughout the rest of the Zone.

The Profit House employs a sizeable security force to guard the huge amount of precious metals that they store in their vault. The vault lies in a secret chamber somewhere in the heart of the pyramid. The gilded pyramid dominates a complex of buildings to house the dragonborn guards and kobold outreach workers. Services are held on Prime and Heaven, otherwise the main pyramid remains empty for the rest of the week.

The leader of the church is Head Profit Holden Trove, who has led them to record contributions in the past few years. He is a common sight at events around the Gilded City and is one of the main sponsors of the Annual Aurmopolis Golden Gala. He gained his rank by selling a record number of memberships to the Diamond Devotees. He has revolutionized their income potential by selling bespoke Heavenly Hibernation pods in the Profit House complex.

Aurumopolis Profit House Plot Hooks

Heist at the Profit House

The Thieves' Guild of Aurumopolis has a standing bounty for any burglars who can successfully steal anything, even a single coin, from the fabled Vault of the Aurumopolis Profit House. The party has decided to earn the bounty. Little do they know that the vault itslef contains the most dangerous challenge of all.

Investigating the Profits

Many feel that the "Golden Gospel" is an especially flimsy excuse for extracting wealth from gullible followers. The heads of a group of other churches have hired you to investigate the activities and legitimacy of the Profit House and its leaders. What secrets and corruption will they find?

Debacle at the Golden Gala

The Aurumopolis Golden Gala is threatened with sabotage by protesters who ostensibly oppose the goals of the Profit House. The party has been hired by the Profit House to investigate the protesters. But, are the troublemakers justified in their actions?

Malfunctioning Hibernation Pods

The Profit House's bespoke HIbernation Pods have been malfunctioning, revealing a dark secret tied to their use and creation. The adventurers are hired by the House, or the Hibernators, to uncover what is really happening.

Cathedral / Great temple
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