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Heavenly Hibernators

The non-denominational sect commenly known as the "Heavenly Hibernators" are pilgrims who come to the Kirinal Concordance Zone to live in Heaven full-time before they die. They sleep for six days of the week and only wake up on the Day of Heaven. They accomplish this through a variety of magical or pharmaceutical methods. This controversial practice is hotly debated in the cities around the Kirinal Pit.

These particular god-botherers come to the Zone and put an enormous drain on our resources. I'm all about live and let live, but I do think you need to contribute more to society than thoughts and prayers!

Believers come from across the world and multiverse to the Kirinal Concordance Zone to make the Pilgrimage to Heaven. On the seventh day of the week one of the heavenly planes manifests in the Kirinal Pit and visitors are welcome to visit.

The Pilgrimage brings a multitude of toursits and commerce to the cities around the Zone. Whole economies have developed to serve them. Many of these tourists apply for citizenship to settle in the Zone so that they never miss Heaven. The most devout have taken up the controversial practice of becoming "Heavenly Hibernators". They sleep for the other six days of the week, only awakening on the day of Heaven.

The Hibernators have completely given up on the Waking World. They focus only on Heaven and ignore anything that has to do with "worldly matters." They apply for citizenship but then ignore the duties laid out for them in the Concordant Mandates. Many of them identify as Anti-hedrons, rejecting the use of ident-a-hedrons and other "soul-staining" technology.

Hibernation How-to

Hibernators come from all walks of life and they achieve their six days of sleep through a variety of methods based on what they can afford. The truly devout have been known to hibernate through the focused power of their own minds.

Suspension Meditation

The truly devout and holy are welcome at monasteries and temples throughout the Zone. They rest in meditation chambers where they commune with the divine in a trance during the rest of the week.

Hibernation Pods

The wealthy can afford expensive hibernation pods found mostly in Aurumopolis, The Tortoise, or Tridenser City. These custom-made pods truly slow down the sleeper's metabolic processes, possibly extending their lifetime by seven times.

If you've worked hard enough to save 50,000? You've earned your heavenly reward now! Simply deposit your life-savings in our temple and enjoy a bespoke, state-of-the-art hibernation pod for the rest of your days!*

Six-Day Sleeping Potions

Maharlitech pharmaceuticals offer a less expensive option, but don't extend a persons life. These hibernators merely sleep for most of their lives. Warehouses with racks of sleepers in them are common in Garrison City, Magister's Enclave, Aurumopolis, and Tower Town.

Blood Bar Banks

Those who can't afford expensive pods and potions can instead get paid to sleep for six days. They become donors at vampiric blood bars. The vampires are happy to store their sleeping bodies and enchant them to sleep as long as they can slowly, but ethically, drain them of blood. These can be found in Magister's Enclave, Mended Axe, and Menelost Telperion.

Can't afford expensive sleeping potions or an overpriced pod? No worries! You can participate in the Six-Day Sleep and we'll pay you! We'll take just a few pints of your blood per week and care for your body* while you take care of your soul!

-The Crimson Harvest Blood Bar

Heavenly Hibernators Plot Hooks

Mystery of the Missing Monks

The adventurers must investigate the disappearance of several monks who disappeared simultaneously from temples around the Zone. Some claim that they have bodily entered heaven, but then the shocking discovery of a a monks body proves that something sinister is afoot.

Hibernation Pod Heist

All the pods in a Hibernation Haven have gone missing, along with the sleepers inside of them! The owner of the Haven contacts your group to find and retrieve the wealthy patrons and their valuable pods before their disappearance is revealed on the next Day of Heaven!

Secret of the Soul Sucking Succubi

A clan of ethical vampires have had a successful arrangement with a group of Hibernators for years. Recently, some of their charges have been drained of their souls not just the blood they agreed to. The vampires have been accused of preying on the people who trusted them. They have hired the party to find out what is actually happening.

The Sleeping Prophet

A Hibernator claims to have had a divine revelation in their sleep that they reveal on the Day of Heaven. They lead an army of devout followers who have pledged to increase the number of hibernators by any means possible. Where did the revelation come from and why does the entity want so many people to sleep?

Essential Experimentation

One of the alchemical companies that makes sleeping potions for Six-Day Sleep has substituted one of their ingredients with a cheaper version. Their patrons have reported side effects and nightmares that could be because of mental damage or... burgeoning psychic powers. The party is responsible for finding out what's really going on.

Heaven is the only day!

Religious, Monastic Order

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