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Menelost Telperion

The great silver tree at the heart of Telperion Meltarma died when Thaya sacrificed herself. The elves refocused their grief into rage. They rebuilt the ruined temple into a sky port for their flying warships. To this day, they wage war on the moon from Menelost Telperion.
— Instructor of Recruits
I'm glad the orcs and the elves are no longer blood enemies. They never hated us as much as they hate the moon-killers.
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

Telperion Meltarma

In ages past, Thaya and Rampol pledged their love under a great silver tree on the banks of the Kirinal River. That love bonded the tree to the heart of the goddess. The tree's leaves famously waxed and waned with the moon in the sky.

Under Telperion Meneltarma, the Silver Lady first beheld the Golden Warrior.
— Romance of Moon and Sun

The elves named that tree Telperion Meneltarma and grew a beautiful temple around it. For millennia moon worshippers made the pilgrimage to see the tree light up during the full moon.

Telperion Meneltarma died with Thaya on the Night of the Shattered Moon - Prologue to a New Age of The Shattered Moon. The temple collapsed into ruin with the death of the tree that served as its foundation.

The Silver Tree of Heaven

by Branden L

Sky Fortress of the Silver Tree

Dagor bo ceven sui vi menel. (We fight on earth as we do in heaven.)

— Elven War Song

Even in death, Telperion remains the heart of Thaya. It has become the center for elven vengeance.

The elven armies of the world first muster there before flying to war on the moon or making the much shorter trip through the Anomalous Forest to the garrison at Tol Acharn.

Purpose / Function

Temple of Love

Originally a temple complex built around and named for, the Silver Tree of Heaven. Every month on the full moon, the tree would glow with silver light, and pilgrims from all over the world traveled to see it. The beauty of Celeborn Meltarma was renowned throughout the world.

As the moon goddess' body was dragged to the moon, the tree also fell in sympathy, destroying the temple and surrounding buildings.

Fortress of Vengeance

With no time to mourn, the elves appeared at the fallen tree with an armada of ancient starships. They required wood from Thaya's heart tree to power the ships for their flights to the moon.

The buildings of the temple complex were converted into the elven war command and a sky port for their war machines.

The Lovers
The Lovers by Chris L

Romance, Union

Thaya & Rampol

Heart of Transportation

The fortress is the main elven station for skyships and also stands on the Inner Ring of the Kirinal Railway. The elves are personally loath to ride on the railroad, but are perfectly happy to pay for their supplies to be shipped.


The former temple of worship for the moon goddess has become the instrument of vengeance for her death. The temple buildings have become headquarters and barracks. The temple grounds hold hangars and launch towers for elven sky ships and man o'wars.


The elves grow their buildings from trees and plants. They accelarate and mold the growth through magic. The honored wood of Celeborn holds pride of place in the holiest structures and in the ships that fly to the moon.

Founding Date
-3500 BA (Celeborn Meltarma) -> 3040 FA (Menelost Celeborn)
Alternative Names
Silver Tree Station, Silver Tree Temple
Transportation hub
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