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Romancing the Zone

People from around the world and across the multiverse settle here in the Kirinal Concordance Zone. Of course they bring their courting and mating rituals along with them. Those function as long as prospective mates remain within their own diaspora. The rules change, however, when love occurs between cultures from entirely different worlds.

Some sophonts have a lot of trouble figuring out how to make a "love connection" here in the Zone. Transactional physical relationships are easy enough, but finding a life partner can be pretty tough. If you're attracted to someone from another world, it's even tougher. How do you even know if they're the gender you want! Fortunately, we have "The Rizzler" to help us out!

Residents of the Kirinal Concordance Zone in search of love face many obstacles. In this melting pot of sophonts from hundreds of worlds and dimensions, it is often hard to find compatible romantic partners. It's especially hard for those from communities with small populations or lone representatives of their world or dimensions.

Are you a strange visitor from another world? Perhaps you're the last survivor of a planar apocalypse! If you're the last of your kind, but you're still looking for love, the Rizzler is here to solve all your problems!

— Hedron Network advertisement for "The Rizzler"

The Rizzler Cantrip

The "Prism of Two" is an identification cantrip that can be loaded into an ident-a-hedron. It contains a catalog that helps identify a sophont's ancestry and ethnicity. It also uses context clues, based on dress and presentation, to determine a sophont's gender, social norms, and even their relationship status.

It was created by Two, The Surveyor of Worlds to communicate with intelligent beings in a new Manifest. An invaluable tool for Kirinalos who deal with visitors from other worlds. Over time it has become a standard cantrip installed in most ident-a-hedrons in the Zone.

Single Kirinalos use a version of it known as the "Charisma Prism" or simply as "the Rizzler". They have discovered that the catalog gives them "all" the information they need for romance. They meet interesting and exciting people from distant and exotic worlds, and hook up with themloo.

Spark & Serelassyte Attend a Wedding by Chris L

Social Dancing

Fiddletwitchers at the Grotto by Chris L

One of the most popular activities in the Zone, Social Dancing brings folks from all walks of life together. At Grig's Grotto dancers young and old participate in nightly partner dances. The grags teach dwarves to do the Iron Foot Cirlce Dance in order to be accepted into society. Even the enormous Red Feather Monument dances when a new Battlemaster is chosen.

The nightly dances serve as a perfect backdrop for those seeking romance. Where else can a young sophont interact that closely in a socially acceptable way? The Grotto is especially well known for the romances that began there, the relationships that terminated there, and the children born along the way.

I don't get a night off from the Kitchen too often. When I do, you know I'll be out dancing with my girlies. I go to the Grotto to serve. And I don't mean drinks!

Archie Araneta, Mix-o-mancer

Meet Me Under Menelost

In the Age of Gods, under the boughs of the Great Silver Tree, Thaya the Moon Goddess fell in love with the mortal who would become Rampol God of the Sun. The remains of that tree, Menelost Telperion, still stands in the Zone where the Anomalous Forest meets the Kirinal River.

Even now, when the dead tree has become a fortress and the Temple of Love has become a fortress for skyships, lovers still flock to Menelost Telperion. The barren branches still glow at night and the city around the sky port is full of Armada soldiers on leave looking for a good time.

It's still considered lucky for lovers to kiss under the boughs of the great tree on a full moon when the Telperion Skyships fly back and forth from the Shattered Moon.

Thaya and Rampol Under the Silver Tree by Chris L

Romancing the Zone Plot Hooks

The Grag & the Goblin by Chris L

The Grag & the Goblin

The famously truculent grags arbitrate all things dwarvish, including the Iron Foot Circle Dance. The stonefaced Grag Kilin Stormtoe hides a secret, his love of dance. He became a grag to be as close to the Circle Dance as possible and hides it from the other grags who would surely mock him.

The players discover that Kilin has taught the dance to a goblin lass. The other grags will surely disfellowship him. Will the players help?

The Rizzler Malfunctions

The Rizzler has been malfunctioning! Suitors have been approaching love interest that are completely inappropriate for them. Genders have been mixed up and relationship statuses have been ignored. The players must cool flaring tempers, distract husbands and mothers, and discover what's behind the cantrip mishap.

The Midnight Waltz

Once a year a phantom melody sweeps over the Zone and the Kirinalos come out to dance under the stars. As the Incarnation Moths fill the sky with love and pheremones while evil spirits and aswang take the night off.

Some connections made only last for that night, while others last for a lifetime.

Archie's Night Out

The party comes across Archie Araneta on one of their infamous night's out. As the head mix-o-mancer at the Comfy Kitchen, Archie knows all the movers and shakers in the Zone and what they're up to. This is the party's chance to impress the colorful genasi, but Archie is infamously hard to please.

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