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The famous mix-o-mancers of Silver Gate perform nightly for huge crowds in the taverns and pubs. I know of some skilled mages who have wasted their world changing potential by becoming mere bartenders.
When I'm in Silver Gate my first stop is to see Mellie the Mix-o-mancer at Tito Corben's. The way she spirals fire around ice cubes that end up in my cup! It's me favorite!

Mix-o-mancers are bartenders who combine their skills at mixing drinks with magical abilities to spectacular effect. They come from the ranks of arcanists who've avoided more scholarly pursuits, drop outs from Wizard's Peak University, soldiers moonlighting from the Eldritch Army, and others with magical talent and a flair for performance.

There are barkeeps, bartenders, and tavern keepers. Mix-o-mancers are something else. They aren’t someone who has simply decided to use a little magic to help them make drinks. Mix-o-mancy is an art form where the ingredients can include ice, fire, a little alcohol, and a lot of style. Many people try to give themselves the title of mix-o-mancer, but most are merely pyromaniac waiters. Any mix-o-mancer can make another mix-o-mancer, they know their kind when they see them.

When a mix-o-mancer recognizes someone worthy of the title they take the prospect out on an epic night of drinking and performance mix-o-mancy. At the end of the night they visit a tattoo artist who uses Batok Needles and the mix-o-mancer symbol, two cups with a spiral of fire between them, is tapped into their skin with magic inks. When someone questions their membership, a true mix-o-mancer shows their tattoo blazin with arcane fire.

The first mix-o-mancers came from the City of Talinside Bay and was Tito Corbin himself, the originator of Drinks That Are On Fire. He made his name with splashy displays of flaming alcohol in simple spirals and fabulous flashes. The fiery drinks were a distraction for the thieves in his bar to pick pockets. Tito Corben met a fiery end when the wrong gang members figured it out. His signature drink is now known as Tito Corben’s Pyre.

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