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Summer Camp 2021 Hub

Welcome to the hub for my Summer Camp 2021 activities. Just like last year, I'm going to let the process take me wherever it goes. When I did that last year and just let my creativity take me wherever it wanted, I ended up building really incredible foundational pieces of worldbuilding that have enriched my RPG setting. I'm sure that this year's Summer Camp will do the same.

This June, I've been participating in the official Summer Camp prep, while also unofficially going through and touching up my world in an unorganized fashion. This is my notice to myself to get my prep organized!

Unofficial Prep

  • Fixing mouseover text for all articles (ongoing).
  • Determining cornerstone content: articles that are often referenced in other articles.
  • Adding cover images to all cornerstone content.
  • Cleaning up cornerstone content.
  • Credit or remove old images without correct accreditation.
  • Re-reading and cleaning up Summer Camp 2020 articles.
  • Make a style guide for WoWP
  • Come up with a tagging and category strategy!!
  • Updated categories (ongoing).
  • Fix and update tagging.
  • Hydrate and get enough sleep!

Summer Camp 2021 Articles

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19 Jun, 2021 21:48

I always love hub articles. I love how you've included past events here too! :D <3

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
19 Jun, 2021 21:49

Thanks Emy! As always, you're the best!

Check out my entry for the Treasured Companions Challenge: the Ghost Boy of Kirinal! His article also spilled over into Adventuring With Ghost Boy full of plot hooks and his 5E stat block!

Sage George Sanders
George Sanders
20 Jun, 2021 00:37

Oh! A hub. I am interested to learn about Filipino culture as you go too.   Keep Hydrated

The path to New Pavlohra is open! Ride along by reading my Treasured Companion article.   Share your world, submit articles for Lavani to read by leaving a comment on her Reading List!
Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
27 Jun, 2021 02:51
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