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Wood of Telperion

"No other culture's skyships match the speed and range of the elves. Their ships fly with the wind of vengeance behind them."
— Instructor of Recruits
"No living orcs remember fighting on the moon. The stories and songs of their glory ring on in the Halls of Glory. Az-damned elves, keeping all the fun for themselves!"
— Sgt. Kill Flayer

Ancient Elven Secrets

After the Night of The Shattered Moon the bereft elven peoples swore vengeance for their fallen Silver Lady, the moon goddess Thaya. They recalled their oldest legends, tales of an ancient empire among the stars. In the taboo depths of their oldest forests, they discovered hidden groves of elven spelljammers. Skyships capable of interstellar flight.

Fly Me to the Moon

Unfortunately, the helms that powered them were long gone. Their search for a replacement led them to the ruined Temple of Telperion and the wood of the Silver Tree of Love. They discovered that with the Wood of Telperion could be tuned to either the gravity of the moon or the world, allowing the elven warships to fly between the two.

This only works when the moon is in the sky, allowing an interplay between the moon and Erathia. At those times, the skyships rely on hex crystal, elemental riings, and other types of levitation and propulsion.

On full moon and new moon nights, Telperion Skyships can make a flight to the moon or return to Erathia.


Material Characteristics

The Wood of Telperion can be magically tuned to the gravity of the world Erathia or of the moon, Thaya. This allows ships outfitted with the Wood to fly to the moon in 24 hours.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The silver wood is as hard as metal, but also light. It glows silver in the light of the moon.

Geology & Geography

The wood is unique to the silver tree found at Menelost Telperion.

Origin & Source

The magical silver tree was unique, the manifestation of the first love of Thaya and her husband the sun god Rampol.


Law & Regulation

The elves reserve the Wood for their use only. They hunt down any lost Wood with extreme prejudice.

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