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The Disputed Lands

371 AE

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The lands of the Disputed Plane are fractured and fragile. Easily conquered, if not for barriers that bar beings of vast power from entry. In their steed, it had become a plane of proxy wars, with the inhabitants dividing the lands between themselves for their own reasons and the reasons imposed upon them by extra-planar masters.

With the arrival of the elves from Feiri, invention soared to heights unimaginable before. Fueled by this, civilization, sovereignties, and the hold of quasi-deities upon the lands have spread and grown, expanding their reach ever further.
  Are you prepared to carve out your own piece of this world? How will you scheme, and for whom?  

Currently being filled in, improved, and edited. Please see What the heck is going on? for more information on this and where I am in the process.

I am also doing summer camp! Check out my homework: World Meta Page, Inspiration Board, and Ostari! The primer is coming I promise...