Episode 22: The After Party Report

General Summary

Winding Down

As Lunapalooza winds down, the crew settles into the After Party. They talk to Lance's cousin, Harmony about Dirk. She sees how bad the Order of Light has gotten, but she believes that the Crew (represenatives of the Order) and herself prove that the Order can be redeemed. She wants to get on that. She warns them to be careful, Dirk has put a bounty on the Crews' heads.

Aymer tells El about the existence of Selenelion elves who can change their sex at will. Rumor has it that if you perform the proper ritual, you can become one during a Selenelion event.

Dreaming of a Ghost Moon

Lance is in a stupor admiring all the random hats he acquired during the party after screaming 'Throw your hats in the air, like you just don't care!' As he nods off into sleep, the ghost of the goddess Thaya appears to him.

You have gone through quite a bit of trouble to summon me my child. I have not felt worship like that in many centuries. It warms my dead heart. What would you ask of me?

— Thaya

She explains that she is an ancestor of Lance's and the source of his divine power. When Lance mentions their plan to resurrect her, Thaya brings everyone into Lance's dream.

"My time has ended and the cycle has turned. However, your plan will summon enough divine power to create a new godhead. There will be enough power to resurrect me, but I will not consent to it.

"Perhaps one of my siblings, lost to the Bakunawa will answer your call. They never got a chance to live, and they could live again if provided with the correct avatar.

"Nevertheless my descendant, it is time for you to choose your path. Will you walk in the shadows or the light?"

The dream ends and Lance wakes up with a shadowy pill in one hand and a silver pill in the other. The voice of the goddess whispers in his mind: "Choose."

Lance puts both pills into his mouth and swallows!

Lance gains "Heroic Destiny" supernatural gift AND the "Living Shadow" dark gift.

Audience With the Queen

The party takes the Blackjack back to Tower Town to dismantle the stage and unmake the party, but get summoned to Menelost Telperion to see the Queen Mother.

On the train, they are attacked by flesh golems and illithids. The mind flayers were attracted by the delicacy of Jenny inside of Nia's ident-a-hedron. They report the presence of mind flayers to Count Hellenbrecht Tun-Razak and the Order of Light.

The queen says she can get the Crown of the Sun & Moon's Third Flame in return for the head of the ulitharid. She also opens El's third eye making her an oracle who can hear the words of the gods.

The Hedrocron talks to Spark informing him that he has limited psychic power, but it can make him a psi-warrior. Spark accepts unlocking the neophytes sheltered in Atho's Eye (hedrocrons name). They plan to smash the illithid den.

Moon Breeze agrees to take in basically any orphans that the BTT finds. She'll raise the griffons and return them when they're of age. She'll watch over any neophytes if they need her to. She wants Nia (and the party) to be her bodyguards during the upcoming "Benediction of the Heavenly Council."

Shatter Dawns on the Forgotten Realms

  • The day dawns as the city of Waterdeep in Toril appears in the Pit.
  • Nia meets with Tanit and she tells Nia to be careful of Jenny. Someone knows she exists and they're interested in her.
  • The Order of Light and Aleph Zero are super pissed that the party has hacked the Beacon/Aleph Zero.
  • Dirk has gotten diplomatic immunity as the Patriarch of the only god on the World. Harmony has hopes that the Order of Light can become a real force for good.
  • Winter's True Voice is really interested in BTT and is digging for info on them and may have a contract out on them.
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