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The Moon Eating Serpent

I'll explain again. In the Age of Gods, the Bakunawa was a beautiful goddess who loved the moon. He was a great serpent that devoured six of the seven moons. It died at the hands of Thaya. During the Far War it was a horrible weapon that almost destroyed our world. It shattered the moon. Thaya killed it again. It became the great moon tree Lokorn. Easy to understand, right!

The great serpent Bakunawa ate six of the seven moons in the Age of Gods. The last moon godess Thaya cut off its head with the Ginunting ng Thaya when it tried to eat her.

It returned as a weapon of the Far Realm during the War Against the Far Realm. They sent it to break open Erathia and awaken the Sleeper. The monster was diverted and it redirected itself to the last object of it's lunar hunger. Thaya killed it again, but at the cost of her life and both of their bodies fell to the surface of a now Shattered Moon.

The forces of the Far Realm used its corpse as a source of power and raw materials for their armies that invaded Erathia. In a turning point in the Far War, its body was transformed into the great balete tree Lokorn.

Articles Featuring the Bakunawa

Divine Classification
Celestial Glutton

Cover image: by SamsonFM
Character Portrait image: Haliya vs Bakunawa by Godfrey Escota


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8 Jun, 2023 02:40

Looks like a neat mythological foundation for so much more in your world! Love the artwork!

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