Crown of the Sun & Moon

The marriage crown worn by the goddess Thaya depicts stories of the moon goddes and sun god's lives. It's a central part of the Romance of Moon and Sun. The fact that we have recovered this glorious artifact is remarkable! It's pieces are on display in Sun & Moon Temples throughout the world and on the moon.
I like a fancy hat as much as anyone else! Rumor has it they separated the pieces of the Crown to avoid some sort of catastrophic prophecy! That crown is in every version of the Night of Seven Moons myth that I've ever heard!

The Crown of the Sun & Moon is the ornate headdress originally worn by the moon goddess Thaya when she married the sun god Rampol. She only wore it on the few times a year when the two would live together under the same roof. They had an immortal's version of marriage, where they mostly had separate lives and came together once a month to fully concentrate on each other and share those moments with intentionality.

The crown is actually eight different parts in a set, created by master craftsmen from silver, gold, pearls, and crystals. It consisted of seven silver flames signifying the original Seven Moons, Thaya's lost siblings. Each flame is topped with a pearl signifying a moon, with the central flame bearing the largest moon representing Thaya herself. The eighth part is a conical crown, representing Rampol's sun, for the top of the head made of gold with a crystal blazing radiant light at the top of it.

The flames were each inscribed with stories of Thaya and Rampol. How she fought and defeated the Bakunawa. How they met underneath Telperion Meneltarma. Rampol's death as a soldier and his rebirth as a god. The stories of their children.

When she wasn't wearing it, the crown was kept at their main temple under the Silver Tree of Heaven and guarded by the elves. When Thaya died the light of the crown went out and the Silver Tree fell. The parts of the crown were lost in the rubble.

When it was reconstructed as the Menelost Telperion, the sky fortress of the elves, the recovered parts of the crown were distributed among the temples of the Sun & Moon throughout the world. The Flame of Thaya itself was taken to the Shattered Moon itself and placed on Thaya's Tomb in the elven fortress there, where it's guarded by Thaya's Vindicators.

The parts of the Crown of the Sun & Moon and their resting places are:

  1. The Cone of the Sun - The Cathedral of the Sun, City of Molndal
  2. The Flame of Thaya - The Tomb of Thaya on the Shattered Moon
  3. The Flame of the First - The capital elven city of Eladriel
  4. The Flame of the Second - The druid settlement of Ygfyr
  5. The Flame of the Third - The elven fortress of Menelost Telperion
  6. The Flame of the Fourth - The nation of Llyren
  7. The Flame of the Fifth - The Talin Islands
  8. The Flame of the Sixth - The capital of ancient Osiran

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