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WorldEmber 2023 Hub

WorldEmber 2023 is here! It's time for all good worldbuilders to unite around the forge and write as a creative community of awesome folks! I'm separating out my very cluttered homework article and leaving this place for my (hopefully) completed list of articles!

List of WorldEmber 2023 Articles

2024 New Year's Resolutions & WorldEmber 2023 Ethnicity Shortlist
Generic article | Jan 18, 2024
Item | Dec 27, 2023

A type of protective talisman or charm, that protects its wearer from dark magic and bad luck.

Character | Dec 17, 2023

This moon-eating lion spirit is one of the mythical Celestial Gluttons. At heart, it's just an enormous kaiju cat.

Aurumopolis Profit House
Building / Landmark | Dec 27, 2023

The main temple of worship to Charos, the god of commerce, is the Aurumopolis Profit House. This gilded pyramid brings in more in tithes than any other house of worship in the world.

Rank/Title | Jan 26, 2024

The physical manifestation of a god in the world. The Divine Gate removed them all from the world at the end of the prior age. Now a few have begun to reappear.

Barrel Folx
Item | Feb 26, 2024

TW: Crude AF! These crudely carved people in barrels have a surprise for you when you lift them up!

Can Opener
Character | Dec 19, 2023

The serial killer known as the Can Opener specializes in murdering soulforged, golems, and other constructed sophonts. It is rumored to be the avatar of something far more sinister.

Crystal Sphere of Kirinal
Geographic Location | Dec 17, 2023

This enormous crystal sphere contains the wildspace system of Erathia, its sun, and sister planets. The gods of this realm have sealed the sphere so that gods and great old ones may not enter it.

Cumvel Coyilen
Character | Dec 30, 2023

Artificer Thunder Specialist. Partners with Of the Forge the Spark to create hedron sound equipment.

Father Ozniah Zug
Character | Dec 27, 2023

A mad artificer, creator of off-brand soulforged and stitched together monstrosities.

Character | Dec 29, 2023

The mother of Fez the Jest and a hex crystal mine supervisor.

Character | Dec 29, 2023

A Neophyte blue goblin monk who wanted to be a ZAP. He died in the Razing of Goblin Town.

Heavenly Council of Ki-rins
Organization | Dec 27, 2023

A council of powerful supernatural beings dedicated to protecting the world's innocents.

Heavenly Hibernators
Organization | Dec 19, 2023

The Heavenly Hibernators sleep every day of the week except for Heaven. They only want to live in Heaven and can do so in the Zone.

Islar, Heirophant of the Moon
Character | Dec 30, 2023

The Heirophant of the Moon leads the Lunar Face of the Church of Sun & Moon. This powerful aasimar wonders if it is time to separate the two churches.

Character | Dec 19, 2023

The newborn goddess of the Silversong Moon. She represents second chances, twilight, and changelings.

Organization | Dec 27, 2023

The ancient island empire of Kaneyama sits off the eastern coast of the Jade Continent. They are known for their warrior culture where clans vie for the title of shogun.

Korda Goldmaster
Character | Dec 30, 2023

Korda Goldmaster, also known as Prisoner Thirteen, is a powerful crime lord who successfully operates an enormous criminal empire from behind bars.

Character | Dec 29, 2023

A neophyte blue goblin rogue who dreamed of being a secret agent. She died in the Razing of Goblin Town.

Minokawa's Aerie
Geographic Location | Dec 31, 2023

The lair of the Celestial Glutton known as the Minokawa sits in a pocket reality that shifts through dimensions. It is currently trapped on the edge of the Far Realm.

Planning For WorldEmber 2023
Generic article | Dec 30, 2023

Planning ahead for WorldEmber 2023 in November. Including the Pledge and the Homework!

Seraphena Syren
Character | Feb 14, 2024

Lady Seraphena Syren represents the interests of House Molndal and the Blood Moon Covenant.

Session 44: Wrapping Up In Eladriel Report
Report | Dec 5, 2023
Session 45: Attack of the Can Openers Report
Report | Dec 12, 2023
Session 46: A Week on the Barrow Shard Report
Report | Dec 24, 2023
Sgt. Yahn Sunder
Character | Dec 31, 2023

A warrior of great accomplishments who voluntarily remains a sergeant on the Pit Wall. He is the greatest hunter, angler, kaiju-killer, and BBQ chef in the Zone.

Sigrid Silversång
Character | Dec 30, 2023

Sister of Niamhi & Jenevieve Silversång, warlock of Malfador, the god of lies.

Summon the Gift Giver Ritual
Spell | Dec 31, 2023

This powerful magical ritual uses the power of Anamas to summon the mighty Klaus the Gift Giver.

Character | Dec 27, 2023

The Tambanakua sits in the volcano that bears its name. It looks up at the sky and wishes to eat the lights that it sees. It desires the sun most of all.

This One
Character | Dec 30, 2023

The head mix-o-mancer is a brain-in-a-jar that uses telekinesis to mix drinks with a flourish!

Will of Malfador
Vehicle | Feb 3, 2024

The Will of Malfador is the dreadnought class flagship of the Infernal Forces and the personal craft of the Xeno, Avatar of Malfador. Its appearance in the sky promises overpowering firepower and an overwhelming crystal-clear sound system.

WorldEmber 2023 Hub
Generic article | Jan 29, 2024

My hub for WorldAnvil 2023 activities!

WoWP One-Shot: Klaus the Imposter Report
Report | Dec 30, 2023
WoWP One-Shot: The Hag's Hut Report
Report | Dec 30, 2023
Zernon's Eclipse
Building / Landmark | Dec 18, 2023

The great oak tree on the crystal sphere grew from the sun god Rampol's skeleton. The god was reborn embedded in its trunk and now he looks upon the world once more.

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