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Session 45: Attack of the Can Openers Report

General Summary

The Pit Patrol has returned to the Bayani-Sun Casino from Eladriel when the alarm in the basement casino goes off. T-R01D, D’Wat, Thirteen, and Lucius go downstairs to find that the Casino has been infiltrated once again. This time by 4 small and 1 large version of the Can Opener that they had fought previously on a trip to the Shattered Moon.

As they fight, a voice simultaneously comes from the Can Openers saying, "Crack open the Can. Release the Spawn." They attack, their claws going through T-R01d's armor like as if it wasn't there. After a hard fight, they defeat them and find a note on the largest one saying, "The alarms are down tonight, this is your chance to open the can and raise our master."

They determine that someone has been tampering with their security. D'Wat speak to Rampol and he tells them that a shipment of Tambanokano eggs has gotten through to the Shattered Moon.

A possible avatar of the Glutton crab stirs in the Creche of the Crab in the depths of Cryzad's Sea guarded by demonic crab folk. It has fallen to them to stop it. T-R01d's previous interaction with a spawn of Tambanokano has made him a focus of the crab's power. If he can be cracked open, the "beta" crab will awaken on the moon and serve as a magent for the real Tambanokano to rise out of the ocean and eat the moon.

The Patrol gets in touch with their old friend Bingo Ashdown, pilot of the Moonleaf Express. He agrees to fly them to the moon, using T-R01d as a Totemic Gravity Lodestone that will take them directly to Cryzad's Sea.

It takes them three days to arrive above the Creche of the Crab. They have prepared rituals of water breathing and made other preparations to dive into the waters of the sea shard. They descend down into the depths and enter the suspiciously unguarded complex built into a coral reef.

They encounter a room full of kelp and demonic clams with black pearls in them. When T-R01d attempts to pull out a pearl, the clam closes on his arm and releases a keening screech. He uses his grappling abilities to get free and pull out the pearl. He is overcome with nausea as the pearl gives off waves of necrotic energy. He puts the pearl in his bag of holding and turns to see crab-like demons coming into the kelp garden.

The party gets into a fight with the crab demons, one large one with a rhino horn and archers who stay at a distance, shooting arrows of despair at them. They face the challenge successfully, but realize that they have alerted the complex to their presence.

They continue on and enter a long temple hallway with a powerful crab mage standing in front of an altar. The room is full of demon crab warriors ready to attack the Patrol. Thirteen enters and banishes them back to the abyss with one divine word that she had prepared just for this eventuality. They chase down the crab mage and it has to teleport away to save its own life.

They enter the Spawning Chamber of the Tambanokano Beta. The Crab Lord stands next to the gargantuan shell of a new Glutton, ready to be born. He says "Crack open the Can. Release the Spawn" and the room springs to life with crab warriors set on cracking open T-R01d to release their master's spawn. T-R01d takes his own destiny in hand and makes a full frontal assault on the crab lord. Severely wounded, the Crab Lord climbs up to the ceiling and commands his minions to attack.

The Pit Patrol manages to focus fire on the Crab Lord, no matter where he goes, whittling away at his chitinous armor. They eventually defeat him and the rest of his demonic followers. They surround the egg with the necrotic black pearls that they had harvested from the other rooms, and the corruption destroys the Spawn in its shell, ending the threat of Tambanokano Beta.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Noctus Lunara
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Report Date
12 Dec 2023
Primary Location

Cover image: PPAC Campaign Tier 3 by Chris L


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