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Noctus Lunara

Time-keeper of Bluxton Noctus Lunara

Noctus Lunara was born to what he would now consider savages--that was until the nearby kingdom of Bluxton ravaged 'his people'. To his luck, the infant Noctus was found among the war-ravaged village by the archmage of Bluxton's wizard tower. He quickly took up the schools of magic, later specializing in Chronurgy. His brother (not related by blood!) instead had other desires, looking more into the divine power of healing that was largely unknown to the wizards of Bluxton.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though Noctus is not strong (at all), he is nimble. Noctus' build is that of a scholar's--weak--though he was motivated at times after seeing his brother's physicality to train (mostly a lap up and down the tower). Noctus is considerably healthy at his age.

Body Features

Noctus is as plain as humans come; brown skin though not tanned, as Noctus does not frequent the outdoors.

Facial Features

Dark brown eyes, black hair.

Identifying Characteristics

None that stands out particularly.

Physical quirks


Special abilities

None, other than Chronurgy magic (a little bit of twilight domain cleric mixed in)

Apparel & Accessories

A mithral plate armor, crescent moon shaped shield, fur cloak. Curiously, Noctus carries a harness crossing his torso that holds ten hourglasses.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Noctus' was not native to the town of Bluxton--he was saved by the archmage of Bluxton after war ravaged his land. He did not have memories of the life before the wizard tower, but he lived alongside his brother and studied the arcane arts. Before long, he and his brother took separate paths after their interests differed wildly.

Gender Identity

Cis Male.




Educated by the wise wizards of the Bluxton wizard tower, Noctus recieved top marks in his class.


Noctus was a scholar when he dabbled in the divine arts, taking an interest in lunar divine power, but not taking it seriously.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Top of class in Bluxton's wizard tower.

Failures & Embarrassments

An unpopular and awkward scholar, making him rather cold and distant to others.

Mental Trauma


Intellectual Characteristics

A superiority complex in regards to intelligence.

Personality Characteristics


Move the timeline into his favor.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Savvies- magic, knowledge   Ineptitudes- feats of strength

Likes & Dislikes

Likes- Bread,   Dislikes- alcohol

Vices & Personality flaws

Doesn't get too close to people due to a self-imposed prophecy of solitude.


Fair. Perhaps he may keep his facial hair unkempt.


Family Ties


Religious Views

Pledged service to Thaya, however he does not take it all that seriously.

Wealth & Financial state

A modest amount.

A time-keeping Wizard from Bluxton with an affinity with the moon.

Current Location
Wizard's Peak
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Chaotic Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Time-keeper   Dusk dweller
Current Residence
Wizard's Peak
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Brown
6 ft
140 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I can see the future of this battlefield."   "Your time is up."

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