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Totemic Gravity Lodestones

The ability to fly to the Shattered Moon came from the elvish use of Wood of Telperion, the original totemic gravity lodestone. Wizard's theorized about the existence of similar metaphysical maerials for other heavenly spheres. Those theories proved correct. The hunt for similar materials on the other moons has begun!

The flyboys around the Zone are super excited about new lodestones being discovered. They've figured out that relics of Thaya, Malfador, and Jenevieve work even better than the TP Wood! There's bits of the Avatar Xeno up in Ta-Arma and shards of Jenny's hedron for sale in Goblin Town!

The power of Totemic Gravity relies on the metaphysical attraction between materials known as totemic gravity lodestones. Totemic Gravity Drives rely on this principle to enable certain Skyships to travel between the world of Erathia and its moons.

There are natural materials native to each heavenly sphere that also provide this power. For the world of Erathia, hex crystal serves this purpose. Personal relics of the gods associated with each of the moons work even better as reliquary lodestones.

Shattered Moon Lodestones

The great trees Menelost Telperion and Lokorn serve as a source of Wood of Telperion for the elves of the Thayan Armada. They use those materials to fly their Telperion Skyships to the Shattered Moon over the three nights of the full moon.

The skyships take the entire three days to travel between the two great trees. The ships on the moon exchange places with ships in the Zone, replenishing the elven forces on the Barrow Shard.

The parts of the Crown of the Sun & Moon, various moonblades, and other moon-related items can also work if they're installed into a Totemic Gravity Drive. Using a magical item in this way renders them useless until they're removed from the Drive.

Hidden Moon Lodestones

Totemic lodestones for the Hidden Moon are much rarer than the elven wood. The most reliable source so far has been physical relics of Xeno, the Avatar of Malfador. When his ship, the Changeling Skyship Blackjack visited the City of Ta-Arma the crew sold many relics of their former Navigator.

These relics have been installed on Infernal Forces ships allowing transport to the Hidden Moon when it's dark in the sky. The great dreadnaught, the Will of Malfador is the personal vehicle of the Avatar himself and flys to the Clockwork Moon based on his presence alone.

A secondary source of lodestone has started to show up in smaller ships. These "devil gears" are tiny bits of infernal clockwork that can empower a gravity drive on smaller skyships.

Silversong Moon Lodestones

Lodestone for the Silversong Moon is rarest of all. So far, only members of House Silversång and the Blackjack itself have been able to travel to the newest moon. The lodestone for this moon appears to be the Mortal Souls of changelings. The search for other totemic gravity sources for this moon are underway.

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Jul 21, 2023 15:21 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

These materials are so varied and interesting. Mortal souls, though?! D:

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