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Totemic Gravity Drives

The elves have mastered the fundamental force of gravity itself. We command the skies with the world's fastest ships. The heavens themselves bow to our glory!

Thirion Elf-King, Proclamation of Lunar Sovereignty

I mean, if you have the right focus and a little know-how, it's not that fancy. It's just like falling, but up!

Of the Forge the Spark, Mechanic of the Blackjack

Totemic gravity drives rely on the most powerful gravity totems and focuses, such as Wood of Telperion, to provide extremely fast acceleration for large vehicles such as Telperion Skyships. The drives function according to the principles of totemic gravity, turning off the pull of gravity from the sphere they are currently on, while simultaneously multiplying the pull from the totem's associated sphere.

Gravity drives are used to get the vehicle they're installed on as close as possible to their destination. They then fly or glide the rest of the way with another means of propulsion. These vehicles have a secondary means of propulsion, usually a hex crystal drive, elemental ring, or even simple propellers.

Totemic Gravity in Action

This image portrays one of the most common flights using a gravity drive, that of an elven transport from the Zone to the elven capital of Eladriel.

  1. Red dashed line = Pull of gravity from the Shattered Moon.

  2. Blue solid line = Totemic Gravity Drive Engaged.

  3. Yellow curved line = Flight under secondary propulsion to destination.

An example on a map of a totemic gravity drive in use.
by Chris L

Users of Totemic Gravity

Until very recently, totemic gravity drives were used exclusively by the elves. They were the only ones with access to powerful gravity focuses. They also kept their growing methods at the ship groves of Taur na Cair a closely held secret.

With the rise of the Hidden Moon the Cult of Malfador discovered that artifacts of the avatar Xeno work as well as Telperion wood. To date they have outfitted one ship, the Will of Malfador, with a totemic gravity drive, but they are surely building more.

Lastly, the Changeling Skyship Blackjack is the only ship in the world with totems for all three moons. The ship's mechanic, Of the Forge the Spark, is conducting research on creating a Triple Totemic Gravity Drive without tearing the Blackjack apart.

Ahem, I'm not calling it a Triple Anything, I'm calling it the Reliquary Drive!

Of the Forge the Spark, Artificer Extraordinaire
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Dec 24, 2021 01:44 by Diane Morrison

What an ingenious solution to the problem of space travel! It effectively limits your characters to wherever you want them to be able to go, too. Clever stuff!

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Jan 12, 2022 20:31 by Ademal

What level of gravity can be achieved, here? Does the pull affect the passengers, or do they experience a smooth journey? I'm picturing a crew of elves strapped into an airship, and wearing mouthguards as their vehicle pulls a few g-forces.   I feel like you could also further express the chaos here by sharing a bit about the paths of each celestial. If they're constantly moving, I imagine that it must be quite the process to time and guide these things. Is there an effective range for these? Could the Blackjack use one moon to get airborne and another to do a rapid dive towards a moon on the far side of the world?   I love the idea of selective gravity. Great work!

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