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The elves were the first mortal race, they began bulding civilizations in the Ages of Gods and Monsters. They were old by the time humans and most of the other mortal races appeared during the Age of Mortals. Despite their age, they have never been populous. For most of their existence they reproduced just enough to replace elves lost to battle or to old age.

We elves had been in decline for millenia. Honestly, we were just marking time waiting for our inevitable extinction. Thaya help us, Her death has reinvigorated us. We proudly claim our place in the new world. Our anger is driving us to new heights.

Entulesse Barbarian

Many Kingdoms, One People

Elven kingdoms are scattered around the world along with an enclave of Fosters in the Feywild created to quickly rebuild the elven population after the War Against the Far Realm and the tragedy of the First Armada. Most of the kingdoms had loose associations with each other over the millenia. A formal alliance was created, Thaya's Vindicators, to avenge the death of Thaya.


The elves of the Kingdom of Amredhel have been the most politically active with the other mortal nations. They were full members of the kingdom of Lozar for more than a millennia and were founding members of the Sovranty of Lozar and are leaders in the Concordance for Survival. The other elven nations allow the Amredheli to represent their interests to other mortals.

These golden elves commonly have bronze skin and copper, golden, or black hair.


The elves of Aldarion live in a fortified valley between Kiris, Minara, Ural, and Freal Numor. Tempers run hot among those nations and the Aldari keep to themselves, demanding only that they be left alone and their borders respected. Intruders into their woods and valleys are commonly found full of arrows back on the border of their lands.

These elves have brown skin and dark brown hair with tinges of green.

Nylorae & Llyren

The secretive elves of the cold northwest live in the wild forests. They rule the island nation of Nylorae and live in harmony with the farmers and druids of Llyren. Their hiden enclaves dot the forests, sometimes only miles away, but still unknown, to human settlements.

The hidden elves have tree brown or snow white skin and white, brown, or green hair.


Entulesse refers to the hidden colonies of elven children in quicktime areas of the Feywild. To fortify their population, elven parents send their infants to live out a century of elven childhood in only a few years.

Elven children from any of the Vindicator allies may make use of the Entulesse refuges.


Several tribes of dark elves left their Underdark exile millenia ago to help form the Magocracy of Kiris. Always few in number, their arcane might allows them to move with ease through the ranks of the Magisters who rule that land.

The drow of Kiris have dark purple skin, white hair and indigo eyes. They adapt to life on the surface with a mix of spells and protective eyewear. They still function best in darkness.


Under the warm blue waters of the Vitran Sea, a nation of sea elves live fulfilling lives among the reefs and kelp forests. They are ever watchful of the sahuagin threat. They know that they would be at the vanguard against any repeat of the great Sahuagin War.

These underwater elves are blue and green of skin and hair.

Fighting Against Extinction

The disaster of the First Armada and the subsequent War Against the Far Realm wiped out most elves of breeding age worldwide. Elvish egalitarianism towards gender norms, meant that both male and female elves died in wars on the world and on the moon. Facing extinction, the elves have had to make drastic changes to their social structures.

As mentioned above, elven children are fostered in the Feywild so that they can return to the mortal world as 100 year old adults within 5 to 10 years.

Upon their return, the males are sent to war and the females go back to their communities.

Female elves are expected to start having children as soon as possible. Polygamy has become a standard practice in elven communities.

Male elves must prove their worth in battle. They aren't allowed to breed until they have been to war and come back.

Many elves grieve this return to a "lower" form of society, but they understand the need for it.

Elven Entulesse Barbarian
by Chris L
An elven child fostered in the quicktime of the Feywild lives their first centurylearning the arts of war. They come back in a few mortal years to fight for the Moon.
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D&D 5E Rules

Amredhel: High/Gray elves

Aldarion: Valenar high elves

Nylorae: Wood elves

Entulesse: Eladrin

Kiris: Drow elves

Vitran: Sea elves


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