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Will of Malfador

The I.S.D. Will of Malfador is a dreadnought class capital ship and the flagship of the so-called Infernal Forces. It serves as the personal vehicle of Xeno, the Avatar of Malfador and has been seen all over our world of Erathia, the Hidden Moon, and points between. It even made a memorable visit to the Kirinal Concordance Zone during the first Lunapalooza.

I was there on the first Lunapalooza when the Will of Malfador dropped out of the sky over Tower Town! It had somehow entered Zone airspace undetected and it was covered with an army of devils and bristling with cannons. The Infernal Legions spilled off the decks, floating down to the crowd. I was ready to spill some infernal ichor, but then the bass dropped and the synchronized lights began. The cannons shot glitter, beads, and foam into the crowd! Xen-alfador was here to DJ! I try to hate that guy, but by Az can he drop some phat beats!

An immense Dreadnought Class skyship, the I.S.D. Will of Malfador serves as a mobile base for Xeno, the Avatar of Malfador and his Cult. This massive five-deck ship is equipped with batteries of maharlitech cannons and Totemic Gravity Drives tuned to the Hidden Moon. It requires 120 crew to run smoothly and commonly carries 225 troops along with flying beasts and an adult dragon that flies along with it as an escort.

Infernal Armada

The "Will" is one of three dreadnought class ships serving in the Infernal Forces. The others are the I.S.D. Breath of Tiamat and the I.S.D. Blue Goblin's Skull. These three ships serve Infernal bases near Kaneyama, the Empire of Safara, Zabar, and the Satrapy of Ta-Arma. They are all capable of lunar flight and transport troops and supplies to the Hidden Moon on a once-every-three months rotation.

Those who have observed the ship, and the few visitors to the ships, report that they are brand new state of the art vehicles with modern magitech devices and armaments. Their place of manufacture is unknown, but the artificers of the Zone suspect they were made in Kaneyama, Safara, or on the Hidden Moon itself.

Sightings of the Will of Malfador

The "Will" was the first ship of the Armada to make itself known during the first Lunapalooza that took place in 10/3221. It flew in under the flag of the High Table who have had a long-standing relationship with the Dukes of Hell.

After the Hell Week Invasion of 11/2021, the Infernal Forces entered the world of Erathia and boarded the "Will". They flew to the Shattered Moon and staged an assault on the Barrow Shard. They bombarded the Sarch na Thaya while the Cult of Malfador tried and failed to raise another avatar of Malfador.

They call it the Hell Week Invasion, but I strongly object to that kind of mischaracterization! As we all know from it's appearance during Lunapalooza the Will of Malfador is a pleasure ship, made to showcase the capabilities of my Baatezu people! We made it for fun, not for fighting!

And I'd call all that business on the moon more of a tussle, than an outright siege! I have sent my apologies to Cabron Elf-King along with cases of our fine cinnamon whisky to everyone who might have been adversely affected by that misunderstanding!

Titivilus , the Ambassador of Hell

Afterwards, they retreated to hideouts around the world. They live in a state of rivalry, just short of actual warfare, with the Concordance for Survival. Their ships would no longer be allowed to enter the Zone.

The "Will" has also been spotted floating above the Infernal Forces bases of operations throughout the world. Most recently, they were seen outside the City of Ta-Arma, within Concordance lands. Titivilus, the Ambassador of Hell brushes off any concerns with explanations of "recreation and refueling".

Will of Malfador Plot Hooks

Infiltrating Mission

The adventurers have been tasked with infiltrating the Will of Malfador to gather intelligence and sabotage it if possible. How they get on the ship is up to them, they must deal with the ship's crew and defenses.

The Dreadnought Shipyard

The party must discover where Malfador's flagship was manufactured. The Infernal Armada's enemies want to know what other ships are being manufactured and how to stop them. Their adventure could take them to Kaneyama, Safara, or the Hidden Moon itself.

The High Table Alliance

The High Table has foresworn their former alliance with the Infernal Forces, but other members of the Concordance have reason to believe that they are still allied with each other. The group has been hired by Titivilus, the Amabassador of Hell to prove that an alliance with the Dukes of Hell does NOT equal an alliance with the rogue armies of devils!

Aftermath of the Attacks

In the wake of the Will of Malfador's appearance in the Zone and its attack on the Shattered Moon, the adventurers have been given the responsibility of preventing its next attack. They must find the weaknesses and develop countermeasures for an impending attack at a new location.

Owning Organization
Current location
Complement / Crew
120 Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
250 (crew and passengers)

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