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Sarch na Thaya

The military elven city of Sarch na Thaya stands on the Barrow Shard of the Shattered Moon. The vigilance and leadership of the Vindicators has kept Thaya's Moon safe since the end of the War Against the Far Realm. Now new moons mysteriously rise in the sky. Invaders coming from the stars have started to come again. We need the leadership of Sarch na Thaya to defend the known world.

We orcs have been watching the buildup of elven military power with a lot of distrust. We've just been waiting for the other "elven shoe" to drop directly on us. But now? It hurts to admit it, but the elves were right. The threat from the stars is real and the moons are our first line of defense!

On the Barrow Shard of the Shattered Moon, the great elven city grew to serve the military base of the same name. The base was built at the top of the great balete tree Lokorn to guard the Tomb of Thaya, the moon goddess.

Sarch na Thaya is the hub of transport between the moon and Erathia. Sarch and the Great Warren are the two main nodes of intra-shard travel. The alliance known as Thaya's Vindicators strictly controls who is or isn't allowed to visit the moon. They originally only allowed citizens of their own members the right, but since the appearance of the Hidden Moon and the Silversong Moon, they have allowed soldiers of other Concordance for Survival members to also make the trip.

Travel to the moon is limited to Telperion Skyships run by the Thayan Armada. On nights when Thaya is full in the sky of Erathia, the skyships' Telperion Drives allow them to make the 3-day journey between Menelost Telperion and Lokorn.

Military Town

The city of Sarch na Thaya originally grew up around the military base to support the soldiers living there and continues to do so today. The people of the Sarch, the Sarene, engage in trade with the other Shards of Thaya, especially the farmers of the Lapin Shard. The Sarene are mostly elves who gather the fruits of Lokorn and farm the giant insects who live on the Barrow Shard and the nearby Swarming Shard.

The city itself is heavily fortified, with every citizen trained in sword, bow, musket, and giant insect husbandry. When the Drums of War beat, the Sarene retreat into the depths of the city, leaving behind lethal traps for any aberrant invaders. Sarch na Thaya cannot fall to the enemy. Its loss would remove the linchpin of the defense of the entire known world.


Dominant: elf, half-elf

Minority: rabbitfolk, human, gnome, halfling


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