Lapin Shard

The first of the Shards of Thaya to be discovered was the Lapin Shard of the rabbitfolk. When the moon shattered, the Great Warren flew in to the air and... stayed in place up in the air! This mysterious sky island appears to be the cornerstone of the magical network that keeps the life-giving shards airborne.

A magical sky island covered with bunny people! I've been to a lot of places, but I've never been to a place like that. Now that the elves are relaxing their travel restrictions, maybe I'll get to visit and try out the rabbit food!

The Lapin Shard is one of the Shards of Thaya, inhabited by the rabbitfolk of the Lapin tribes. It was actually the first of the Shards to form on the Night of the Shattered Moon. Through some magical or divine process, when the home burrows of the Lapin was thrown into the sky it remained in the anchored in the air.

The Great Warren

The Lapin Shard is one of the larger sky islands on the Shattered Moon, it is roughly 8 miles long and 4 miles wide. The surface of the shard is covered with farms and rolling hills that produce much of the crops that feed the moon's population.

The edges of the shard are fortified and heavily patrolled. The rabbit warriors keep a sharp eye out for invaders attempting to crawl up from the Surface of the Shattered Moon.

At it's highest point is the great beech tree that marks the Balloon Port and the main fortified entrance to the Great Warren. The Lapin live below ground in a complex network of burrows. The tunnels are spacious and well-lit, wide enough for carts, livestock, and spirited crowds of rabbitfolk and their visitors.

Thaya's Final Breath

Below the Great Warren, is a gigantic cavern filled with flowing air and bright light. A divine spark of energy as bright as the sun floats in the middle of the cavern and is the focus of divine energy known as "Thaya's Final Breath."

As the world ended and the goddess Thaya died, the Mother Rabbit cried out in fear and despair. She prayed, "Goddess, even though you are dying, we your children still need you one last time."

The goddess hit the ground, miles away and her sword, the Ginunting ng Thaya flew through the air, guided by the goddess' final wish. It speared through the rock beneath the Warren and locked it into place.

All of the rabbits fell to their knees in prayer and thanks. They vowed to always remember their goddess and fight on in her name.

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27 Aug, 2022 19:09

BUNNIES! I have to assume you're riffing on the moon bunny myth! I do love this. A layer of sweetness over the tragedy of an apocalypse and the death of a god is exactly what I didn't know I needed, yet you told it beautifully. How do the Lapin Shard's inhabitants interact with Thaya's Last Breath? Do they enter the cave or seek to tap the power, or do they revere it from afar?

27 Aug, 2022 21:11

Thank you! Great questions that I haven't fully thought through. But I have to because my players are visiting it this week!   A lot of my rabbitfolk stuff this SC is definitely a weird mixture of "rabbit in the moon" myths, things that happened in my campaign world, and the "Game of Tomes" stuff that some of the WA Twitch streamers do during the big events!

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