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The Bakunawa Balete

The totemic gravity drive shut down as we neared the moon. We set course for the Bakunawa Balete on the Barrow Shard. At first we were disappointed. It was just a big tree on a floating rock. It teemed with life like any other tree.

As we got closer we understood the scale and we were overcome with its immensity. The birds on its branches were full-sized skyships. The insects crawling on the leaves were men and elves.

— Baron Niamhi Silversång, Captain of the Blackjack

This enormous balete tree on the moon locks the Barrow Shard to the surface of the Shattered Moon. It was willed into existence with the dying thoughts of the psion Ariana Durinhelm, the Hierophant Beast, and their followers. She converted the corpse of the Bakunawa into a great tree, taking away a resource from the Far Realm and giving the elves something to rally around.

Once the War Against the Far Realm ended, the elves built their main lunar base, the Sarch na Thaya in the branches of Lokorn. The massive tree on the moon acts as the opposite of Menelost Telperion on Erathia. Once a month, when the Shattered Moon is full in the sky, the elven Telperion Skyships can fly between the two great trees.

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Cover image: Header of Lokorn the Bakunawa Balete by Chris L


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