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The Founder of House Bestian and one of the Lords of Greystone. He had a rocky relationship with the nature goddess Mutarin. She took offense at his indiscriminate use of volcanic magic and would punish him for it.

Eventually, he mastered the elements of earth and wood, earning the right to become her avatar. He sacrificed himself to convert the corpse of the Bakunawa into the Great Tree Lokorn.

The Story of Beast

This is the story of Beast. Written by Johnny. Edited by John.

One day, a young human woman was wandering through a large forest off the outskirts of Borthakar. Along with her newborn in a pack made of hide, she also carried a basket in her hand. She wandered in search of wild mushrooms and berries . As she searched the underbrush for mushrooms, a large brown bear rose up from it's nap in one of the berry bushes. The woman got startled and ran off in the opposite direction, the bear following straight after her in seek of her berries.

The woman was mistaken thinking the bear was seeking human flesh. The woman quickly dropped her basket and tore off her pack, leaving them both on the ground. The bear grabbed the basket and looked at the precious bundle. After looking around, the bear transformed into a beautiful elven woman. The young elven woman picked up the small bundle and unraveled the top layer. Out peered a set of dark blue eyes. She compared them to the endless ocean around the vast continent of Krosia.

The woman raced off going deeper and deeper into the large forest. As she reached a small clearing, she looked into a crystal clear pool of water. Speaking a druidic word, a magical portal appeared. The woman stepped in and emerged out of another pool. The baby looked around this part of the woods, feeling it was different, almost magical. There were small huts every where and beautiful flowers which made a carpet of pastel and dark colors all intertwined. The woman told the baby, "This is your home. We will teach you the ways of the druid."

A young man with wise eyes and an elder's aura approached the woman. The man said "Kilala, why have you brought another to the sacred groves?" The woman said he was abandoned and that we can teach him the way of the druid. The man said yes but he must be treated the same as the other children.

Over the years, the baby grew up to be a human boy and was given the title of outcast, causing no one to bother him. He grew up into a handsome man and learned more than the other children. When he came of age, he was tested. Some before him perished. When it was his turn, he passed with flying colors and he showed the others he had passed by making flying colors .

When he reached his hut, he was greeted by Kilala who said to him, "Beast, I have a present for you" and presented him a small white wolf cub. Soon after this, he surpassed most of the druids in the area and set out to test his power not knowing that he would also find friendship along the way.

The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man by Chris L

Sacrfice, Transition



Cover image: by Chris L
Character Portrait image: Beast by C


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