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Tomb of Thaya

The Tomb of Thaya was the site of the last successful Ritual of Lunar Apotheosis. The new goddess Jenevieve rose to divinity after living a half-life as her sister's unbodied companion. The new Silversong Moon rose into the sky with her, marking her place amongst the gods.

Instructor of Recruits

I'm not sure what to think about this new moon, new god business that's been going on the past year. So far we have a soulforged/tiefling hybrid and a new changeling god. We better get some orcish representation soon or we orcs are going to riot!

The Tomb of Thaya was built over the fallen body of the goddess Thaya where it fell on the Shattered Moon. The tomb lays beneath the great tree Lokorn on the Barrow Shard. The tomb was built from white marble and has a silver statue of the goddess standing on top of it. A living silver tree, grown from a seed of Menelost Telperion grows atop the tomb and is sacred to the Church of Sun & Moon.

Rise of a New Goddess

The Tomb was identified as a possible ritual site for the Ritual of Lunar Apotheosis and became the destination of a race to godhood between two diverse groups. The crew of the Changeling Skyship Blackjack was supported by the Church of Sun & Moon and the Heavenly Council of Ki-rins against the efforts of the Cult of Malfador and the Order of Light.

The Cult had successfully created an avatar of the old god Malfador and raised the Hidden Moon to mark his return to the world. They sought to do it again, but were opposed by the Baron Niamhi Silversång and the gallant crew of the Blackjack. The Baron and her crew was present for the first Ritual, but they had failed to prevent the rise of the dark god.

After their first failure, they strove to stop the Cult and the Order from raising another dark avatar. They met with the remaining members of the Shattered Moon Coalition and were given their blessing to achieve the Ritual. They were sent to hunt down the required artifacts of Thaya, including a moon blade and pieces of the fabled Crown of the Sun & Moon. They raced the Will of Malfador to the Shattered Moon, stopping at the graveyard of The First Armada to commune with the dead elves and the former Exalted of Dreams.

They arrived at Lokorn and the Barrow Shard as Malfador's capital ship attacked the Sarch na Thaya and the navy of the elf/druid alliance called Thaya's Vindicators. The officers of the Blackjack left their ship and descended beneath the great tree of Lokorn to finally arrive at the Tomb of Thaya.

They called forth the spirit of Thaya and offered her the chance to return. The goddess declined, instead asking that one of her Six Moon Siblings be given the chance to live that they never received. The spirit of one of her sisters returned, taking the name and form of Baron Nia's sister, Jenevieve. The new goddess now reigns in the sky from her Silversong Moon.


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