Exalted of Dreams

The Elf Who Dreams

The Exalted of Dreams is an ancient and noble title imparted to the elf who sleeps and dreams. Most members of the elven race do not sleep or dream, preferring to "trance" where they process their memories and daily activities without succumbing the their unconscious minds. Over time, the elves discovered that without dreams, their people became colder and more warlike. At the beginning of the Age of Mortals the elves discovered the secrets of spelljamming and conquered many worlds beyond Erathia.

They began to lose their essential "elvishness." Their ties to the natural world weakened. The gods stopped speaking to them and refused to answer their prayers. Their children became alien to them and they could no longer enter Faerie. They eventually determined that their lack of dreaming was causing them to became more like humans and even orcs.

They discovered that members of House Heskiloth had particularly powerful dreams. Through experimentation they discovered that if just one member of that house, the Exalted of Dreams, slept and dreamt then all the elves of Erathia would benefit. They could regain their ties to the natural world.

The elves called home their fleets, giving up their interstellar empire to reclaim their essential selves.

Facing Off Elven Extinction

In recent years the elves have faced a different challenge, the near extinction of their kind after the tragedy of The First Armada. A million elves died with the loss of their fleet of skyships, including Dillothel Heskiloth, the Exalted of Dreams.

With their survival at stake, the elves focused on rebuilding their population and then on avenging the loss of the goddess Thaya and the defeat of the First Armada. As they did in the past, their power increases, but the elves have grown militant and angry in the absence of their dreamer.

The new Exalted of Dreams, Elenwe Heskiloth has taken her rightful title, but she is the last of her bloodline. If she dies without leaving behind heirs, the elven people could become a terror amongst the stars again.

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