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Jenevieve Silversång

Even though the gods have mostly withdrawn from our world, new ones are still appearing. The newest is Jenevieve, who ascended through the Ritual of Divine Apotheosis that created the new Silversong Moon. Once a mortal and the twin sister of a skyship captain, the bodiless Jenevieve ascended to divine power. Eventually her power grew great enough that she was pulled beyond the Divine Gate.

I was perfectly happy with the one moon we had in the sky for most of my life. Now we have three moons along with brand new gods and avatars to boot! I was perfectly happy to have the gods out of our lives. If you ask me, it's good news that this new silver goddess has gone to join the Host of Holies out beyond the Crystal Sphere! If only she'd dragged the God of Lies along with her!

The newborn goddess of the Silversong Moon, Jenevieve Silversång is the twin sister of Baron Niamhi Silversång. She is the goddess of changelings, new beginnings, second chances, and twilight.

The Forgotten Twin

Initially unknown to, Jenny's existence was hidden after a tragic childhood in their infancy. Their father Nikolaus Silversång, the previous Baron, made a bargain to save her life and possibly release House Silversång from the "Hidden Fiend" who had cursed their family.

Only Jenny's brain could be salvaged and he had it implanted into an ident-a-hedron that would eventually serve as Nia's warlock focus. He hoped that having two twin souls would confuse the Hidden Fiend enough that the dark being's pact with their family could be broken.

For the first few decades of her life, Jenny lived in a state of partial hibernation, living vicariously through a one-way telepathic link to her sister. Niklaus raised Nia to become the next Baron while leaving Jenny's ident-a-hedron in the care of his close friend Captain Tanit Sanguesa. Despite her disembodied and powerless state, Jenny fostered a cheerful personality with a sincere concern for her sister and her house.

Adventures of a Disembodied Brain

After the death of her father, Nia became the new Baron and Tanit finally delivered Jenny, in her crystal from, to Nia. Over the course of Nia's adventures she became aware of the consciousness within her hedron. Nia had picked up a habit of sleepwalking, even leaving her skyship to carouse about town. Eventually Jenny's true nature and story were revealed.

Nia vowed to somehow release her twin from the hedron and give her a new body. Eventually, they managed to change House Silversång's pact away from the Hidden Fiend, revealed as Malfador, the God of Lies. They instead aligned with the ki-rin Moon Breeze.

The Second Chance

Eventually, when Nia was present at the second Ritual of Lunar Apotheosis, the chance came for Jenny to have her own body.

The brain of Nia's sister Jenny, hiding in Nia's Ident-a-hedron, began to glow.

The old moon goddess explained that there was only enough power in the Ritual to make one of them a moon. Jenny asked, "Can it be me? I never had a chance to live. I've only been my sister's shadow for so long."

As the new moon rose into the sky, Jenny's hedron cracked and a new body grew around her. Jenevieve ascended into the heavens to take her place among the stars.

As a newborn god, Jenevieve was not yet powerful enough to be drawn beyond the Divine Gate. But now that she had a body of her own and the powers of a demigod, Jenevieve took every chance and lived every experience that she could. With her brother Nels Silversång at her side, she lived a lifetime of adventures in a few months.

Her power grew and she eventually felt the Totemic Gravity of the Gate pulling upon her. She was drawn beyond the Crystal Sphere of Kirinal where she dwells in the unknown lands of the gods. She can still communicate through visions and prophecies. Her Avatar is her little sister Gerda Silversång who makes her sister's will known on the world of Erathia.

Divine Domains

Moon, Trickery, Twilight


Niamhi Silversång

Twin Sister

Towards Jenevieve



Twin Sister

Towards Niamhi Silversång


Sigrid Silversång


Towards Jenevieve




Towards Sigrid Silversång


Current Status
Beyond the Crystal Sphere
Current Location
Niamhi Silversång (Twin Sister)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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