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House Silversång

The Silversångs are a human family of itinerant merchants and entertainers. They have a small holding near Morozzo, but they barely pay attention to it. Their real homes are their car on the Cavaliers of Light Tourney Train and their skyship the Blackjack.

The majority of the family travels with the Tourney Train and are featured as one of the headline performers on that tour. The head of the family, the Baron Silversång travels the skies of western Krosia transporting goods and passengers throughout the lands of the Concordant Alliance

The family was raised to the nobility a hundred and fifty years ago for their service to the Grand Duchy of Molndal.

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The Silversångs are a family of changelings. However, only some of the children are changelings, most are humans. The Baron is always the eldest changeling in the family, and they are responsible for training their changeling children while also keeping the secret from the rest of the family.

The bloodline also carries a warlock pact to the being known as the "Hidden Fiend." The Fiend guides the family, bringing them prosperity and power as long as the Baron Warlock serves him and carries out the missions assigned to them.

The previous Baron, Nikolaus Silversång, uncovered information about his patron, tying the Fiend to a hellish plot that he sought to overcome. His final ploy to defeat the Fiend was a suicide mission into Bakunawa's Grave, to release the Six Lost Moons and give his daughter a chance to break the pact.

The current Baron, Niamhi Silversång discovered the identity of the fiend, the god Malfador. She managed to break the pact on herself and retain control of the Blackjack. However the curse moved from her to her sister Sigrid who is now the Warlock of Malfador.

Founding of House Silversång

The first Baron Silversång was elevated to the nobility for services rendered to the Duchy of Molndal in 3065 FA, the same year that he came into the possession of the Blackjack. He was a successful merchant lord, traveling the world for many decades before passing the title to his oldest child.

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