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Crystal Sphere of Kirinal

Kirinal Space

Our world of Erathia along with the sun, the moons, and our sister planets all reside within an enormous crystal sphere. In recent centuries, it has been named after the most important feature within it, the hole in the multiverse known as the Kirinal Pit. Furthermore, the Crystal Sphere also shields our system of worlds from divine influence, both holy and profane. The Divine Gate was the final gift of our gods, saving us from the predations of the Elder Evils.

The Divine Gate on the Crystal Sphere has given my orcish kin and I the privilege of being our true selves. We did not realize how much the whispers of old Az had been holding us down and perpetuating the standards of the old world that branded us as "humanoids." Even if he came back we'd know not to listen. Now, when we're assholes, it's because we choose to be!

The world of Erathia and the other worlds of its solar system sit within an enormous "crystal sphere" that floats in space. Scholars and sages debate what sits beyond the sphere. Some say that a fiery phlogiston exists beyond where other crystal spheres with other worlds float in the flames. Some say that the sphere floats in an Astral Sea of dead gods and that you can travel through it to other worlds. Others posit an airless void, similar to that between worlds, that freezes anything that goes into it.

The wisest know that all of these things have been true at one time or another.

The Metaphysical Sphere

Most importantly, the Divine Gate is set in the Crystal Sphere and it keeps out the Elder Gods of the Far Realm who wish to claim the World of Wizard's Peak for themselves.

Additionally the Divine Gate acts as a magnet that pulls gods, and mortals who are powerful enough to be gods, out of the Crystal Sphere. No one knows where they go or what has happened to them. They just know that the gods still answer the prayers of their mortal followers.

The Physical Sphere

The sphere itself is a transparent physcial barrier surrounding the solar system. It is impermeable, but does not appear to have its own mass or gravity. Only those with the correct devices or who know the correct rituals can pass through it. As vehicles or beings approach it they do not crash into it, they simply stop where they are and proceed no farther.

Habitats on the Sphere

From the inside, the sphere appears to be a clear container of an indeterminate substance. Those who pass through can sometimes see dots of environments, micro-habitats scattered about on the surface. Some of the habitats they reported are a coral reef, a grove of trees, a scattering of mountains. They are hard to visit, seeming to retreat from those who attempt to travel directly to them. The easiest way to visit them is by accident.

Recently travelers to the sphere have revealed thriving, possibly metaphysical, ecosystems on the outside surface of the sphere. One group reported a coral reef with the skeletal remains of the god Rampol on it. When the sun-god was awakened, a grove of trees had grown up around him.

Traveling to the Stars

They know that the stars that dot the sphere of the sky represent many things. Other worlds floating in space, elder gods who preach insanity to those who gaze on them for too long, portals to other planes in the multiverse. The mortals of Erathia travel to the sphere on their Skyships and some can even travel to other worlds through the magic of their spelljamming helms.

The helms bend reality around them, piercing the crystal sphere and allowing travel through the medium of space to other worlds at ultralight speeds. In recent times, the Kirinal Sphere has come to the attention of star-faring civilizations both predatory and benign. Fortunately the native elves have been preparing for this event for millenia. Their bases on the Barrow Shard and their Thayan Armada are well positioned to defend Kirinalspace.

Crystal Sphere Plot Hooks

Navigating the Habitats

The party is tasked with discovering Habitats on the surface of the Crystal Sphere. They can see them from afar, but must figure out how to get to them on purpose.

Sphere Breach

An unknown force or entity attempts to breach the Crystal Sphere from the outside. The adventurers must investigate and prevent a potential cosmic catastrophe. Is it an elder evil? one of the gods, or something else entirely?

Lost Expedition

A group of explorers has gone missing while studying the habitats on the sphere. The pary is hired to find them and either bring them home or discover what has happened to them.

Star Map

The party is given a Star Map that changes as the sky above it changes. They discover that they can also see the past AND future configurations of the stars as they appear on the Crystal Sphere. What does it mean?

Solar System

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Dec 3, 2023 20:01 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love this and am also filled with existential dread. Especially at the 'all of those things have been true at one time or another' bit.

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Dec 4, 2023 01:33 by Chris L

I'm enjoying letting it be uncertain!

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This is a really cool concept, and I like how it ties in with Avatars. I'd like to know more about how they manifest despite the Divine Gate and Crystal Sphere.

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There was a ritual done in-game a few years back that opened the possibility of divine interference and my players have been poking at it since then!

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