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Tale of the Bakunawa Breakers

The death of Baron Nikolaus Silversång and his crew was shrouded in mystery. His skyship the H.C.S. Blackjack appeared abandoned on the shores of Reaver's Deep near the border of the Commonwealth of Corgi and Ta-Arma amidst a riot of Seven-Moon Snapdragons.

Rumors have begun to leak out that the Baron and his crew entered the singularity of the Bakunawa's Grave. They sought the corpse of the fallen god Braza in an effort to prevent the re-emergence of a dark god. Did they descend into the belly of the beast to release the mythological Six Moons of legend?

No one believed the stories. The rumors were easy to disprove. Except... the snapdragons did bloom in seven colors. A Hidden Moon has risen into the sky. A song worms its way into the ears of those who know how to listen.

The Silver Song of Six Moons and One

The Captain Laments, the Baron Schemes

The Blackjack's captain, he summoned his crew,
Their destiny done, their last quest in view.

Niklaus laments the Hidden Fiend's dark dreams,
"Friends I have failed, to foil my patron's schemes.

Endless queries, they have led me to find
My power, my wealth, his goals intertwined.

My path must end to grant my daughter boons,
We must find and free Krosia's six lost moons.

For my heir, this will disrupt our master,
Foil and delay, the secret he's after.

A final gift, my bedeviled daughter,
Her weakness, the chance, my lies have bought her."

His friend receives a crystal red-fire,
Deliver this when the fire expires.

"My loyal crew, our final flight shall be steep,
Beyond what is real, below Reaver's Deep."

Replied in one voice: mage, knight, and ranger;
"Any place, any price, any danger!"

Blackjack surrendered to dark magic's pull,
Beneath the waves, Bakunawa's mouthful.

Through the Event Horizon of Myth & Reality

The Baron ordered his flyboys away,
He wanted no death on his head that day.

The crew obeyed, they boarded the Zenith,
Three stayed behind, to fight the behemoth.

"Sir Snax, your sword has served me well enough."
"Milord, I will not flee now times are tough!"

"Pal Egolas, your bow hunts elsewhere now."
"Captain, your fights are mine! I made a vow!"

"Takrish take your magic, find you a feast."
"Baron, I go with you to face the beast!"

Niklaus fell to his knees, bowed down his head,
He needed his friends, but they would be dead.

The four flew the ship, into the cold waves,
Down below, into Bakunawa's Grave.

Willing, they passed through the threshold of death,
Their fate was sealed, they would take no more breath.

Their lives the price to reach the corpse divine,
Even now, they fought 'gainst worms most malign.

With arrow and blade, fiery spells and rebuke,
They crossed to a realm the gods had forsook.

Six Moons in the Belly of the Bakunawa

They followed the fire to the Burning Sage,
His body, still bloody, still filled with rage.

Did Braza still breathe? The chest rose and fell,
"Takrish, your gong!" The magus cast his spell.

The answering roar, it came from within,
The god's belly burst, the battle begins.

Bakunawa slid out, swathed in god's-blood,
Coils came unending, from out of the mud.

It opened its mouth, six moons did shine bright,
It sucked in its breath, began to eat light.

The crew leaps forth, swinging blades, casting spells,
Baron Niklaus hurls the serpent through hell.

A moon explodes from the black tarry wound,
A portal to hell, a moon is marooned.

The beast snapped back from the fiery attack,
The dark elf's vorpal blade, went snicker snack.

Two moons erupted from the monster's throat.
The knight of the sea, with power he smote.

Dragon mage chants, bringing down the thunder.
The last three moons, they claimed as their plunder.

The Return of the Blackjack

Baron and crew had completed their quest,
Still they were trapped in the devourer's nest.

Monster reforms, its shadow defeated,
Serpent's revenge, it must now be cheated.

The Baron's last trick, a ring with a wish,
From the realm of the beast, they did vanish.

No one has heard from the Captain and crew,
The Blackjack's heir, the quest she continues.

New Baron, new crew ride destiny's arc,
Soulforged and Nia, Aasimar and Spark.

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