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Bakunawa's Grave

The Bakunawa died at the beginning of the Age of Gods and fell into the ocean. The Bakunawa died on the Night of the Shattered Moon devouring the moon goddess Thaya. The Bakunawa is a beautiful woman who lived in the ocean. The Bakunawa is a serpent large enough to eat a moon. The Bakunawa is a weapon of war created by the Aberrations of the Far Realm. All of these things are true at the same time.
I saw the Bakunawa's Grave once when I was a little orc in Borthakar. It opened up in Reaver's Deep on a new moon. Me grampy orc tore his muscles rowing ourboat away from a boiling ocean full of angry coiling undead snakes. That's the first time old Sgt. Kill Flayer ever felt fear.

The Bakunawa's Grave appears in large bodies of water throughout the world whenever the new moon is dark in the sky. The Bakunawa materializes in the water in various stages of dying, death, decay, or unlife. It's death was so momentous, it echoes throughout time forever. Sometimes the headless coils of a gigantic snake lay motionless under miles of water. Sometimes a gasping fanged head breaks the water spurting black acidic blood. Others report seeing unending dead coils thrashing the water, creating tsunamis.

The rarest version of the grave is when the battle between Thaya and the Bakunawa is recreated in the heavens. The constellations come to life and depict the goddess trapped in scaly coils cutting her way out with her curved blade.

Reports of the grave appearing come from all over the world. From the tropical reefs of the Talinian Ocean to the cold white icebergs of Reaver's Deep. Large inland seas and freshwater lakes have all manifested the Grave at some point.

Scholars, priests, and poets all have their own theories about how and why the Grave appears. Wizards claim that the temporal echoes between the Bakunawa's two known deaths mixed with the unborn god-moons it devoured send it throughout the world's timeline. Priests claim that the Bakunawa is cursed by the divine energy it consumed and that those gods still want to be born into the world. The poets say that the song of the Seven Moons demands to be heard.

The Grave is extemely dangerous and it's appearance is treated as an omen of ill luck. Horrific monsters commonly appear in the days after the Grave shows up. Dead fish poisoned by the venom of the dead snake litter the water and nearby shores. Many explorers and great heroes have been lost trying to unlock the mysteries of the Grave. No one who has entered the Grave has ever returned.

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Jul 16, 2021 03:24 by Janelle

Enjoyed the read and love the quote attributions along with the rest of the article layout! :D

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Jul 16, 2021 03:40 by Chris L

Thank you! This is a first draft that's definitely getting edits and images later in Summer Camp! (Or maybe after.)

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Jul 16, 2021 05:52 by Janelle

When I saw that you mentioned in chat that it wasn't done, I just stared for a moment (o.o) but I'm pretty excited to see what this looks like once you're all updated! :D

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Jul 16, 2021 03:42 by William Belley

really digging the little character bubbles on the quote especially the orc one. a worthy detail i like. SInce the grave seems to 'move' when the new moon occurs, if i read correctly, did the poisoning aspect of it cause long term issues for port cities which lives of marine life market ? does the grave leaves right after night and dawn arrives ?   Happy Summercamp !

Jul 16, 2021 03:59 by Chris L

Good questions! I'll address them when I loop back around for images and rewrites. I'm anxious to get back to this one, but I feel like it'll do well with some time to let ideas germinate.

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Jul 16, 2021 17:59 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

It's a very nice idea to have the death being recreated through time at different places! Gods dying cannot be a natural event :p Though every time you have to wonder if it's going to go the same way or if it will be the one time when the snake is going to survive...   And great quotes at the beginning like always :D

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Dec 30, 2021 03:18 by Xero J

I love this! Wow... so much... lol... this is a great concept and I want to know more :)

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