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Night of Seven Moons

Those of us who sense magic still feel the mythic reverbrations from the loss of six moons. Even though it happened in the Age of Gods, before mortals walked the earth, the tragic loneliness of our single moon can drive a reckless mage mad.
I don't know what Instructor means about loneliness! That new moon in the sky has been turning the lycans into lunatics! My orc grammy used to tell me that the world would end with seven moons in the sky! There are two up there now! What does it mean?

The prophecy of the "Night of Seven Moons" is found among the Talino people and their diaspora across the Talinian Ocean. It tells of the night that the Six Lost Moons retake their position in the sky with the Shattered Moon of Thaya.

The Song of Seven Moons

When the world began, before all the gods had first opened their eyes, seven moons sang in the skies. The great serpent Bakunawa loved the moons so much, she rose into the sky every night to eclipse and eat one.

On the seventh night, the last moon Thaya woke just before the Bakunawa could eat her. She drew her blade and cut off it's head.

The last moon's tears fall from the sky. The Bakunawa's blood rains on the earth.

Silver tears and silver blood.

Potential gods from mortals bud.

Talino elders speak of the day when the seven moons will grace the skies again. They say that the lost siblings of Thaya, devoured by the Bakunawa, have wandered the world since they were lost. Some have been born and reborn as mortals, living mortal lives. Others became monsters, fiends, or aswang. Whether they are aware of their true nature or not, the lost moons all yearn to reclaim their rightful place in the sky.

Some say the Night of Seven Moons would herald the end of the world. Others claim that the restoration of the intended celestial order would lead to a new golden age and the much desired return of the gods from their exile beyond the Divine Gate.

Oh honey! The moons want to come back! One already has! Maybe they all will. Maybe not, but we will all live and die. Don't be afraid. Just be a good person! Are you hungry? I have dwarven bacon!

Lola Carly, Zone Ident-a-hedron Officer

No one really believed the stories until a few months ago when a new black and gold moon made of clockwork rose into the sky. They say it is the unholy merging of a returned god and a mortal soulforged. The realized scheme of a dark god who has found a way to return to the mortal world after being exiled behind the Divine Gate.

Now wizards, priests, and scholars seek to discover the secrets of the Hidden Moon. The elves have launched their Telperion Skyships to rendezvous with the world's new satellite to get answers.

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