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Song of Six Moons

The Song of Six Moons was thought of as an amusing myth common to every culture and all sophonts throughout our world. Everyone has a version, but no one took it seriously, despite the fact that it's associated with the very real Bakunawa's Grave.
Then that new moon rose up out of the ground and hid itself behind our familiar old moon! There's two of the seven up there now, what does it mean?

The six moon siblings of Thaya never got the chance to live. These unborn moons were eaten by the Bakunawa before time began at the dawn of the Age of the Gods. Throughout the ages that have passed, the Bakunawa's Grave appears on the night of the new moon in great bodies of water. Those who witness the dead snake's grave sometimes report that they can see moons glowing from inside the dead serpent's coils.

The moons were supposed to grace the world, but they were gone before they could even be named. Prophets and singers say that the six lost moons yearn to be born. They sing in the dreams of mortals. They keep their memory alive hoping to one day rejoin the world, perhaps rising from a mortal.

Threnody for the Unborn

Lost in the shadows of night before there was such a thing as day, the Seven Moons sang in the sky. Their sleeping eyes innocently closed as their voices rang with the songs of creation. As the first day dawned, life spread across the world for the first time and a serpent uncoiled in the depths of the ocean. At the end of that day, after the first sunset, the moons appeared in the sky and the beauty of the song woke up the Bakunawa. She loved their music so much, she wanted it to be part of her forever.

She rose up into the sky and ate one of the moons. The song grew quieter, but the monster was full. She swore to never eat another moon, and to leave the great orbs in the sky. However on the second night, her hunger won again and the glutton rose up to swallow another. She made the promises on each of the next days and failed to keep them each night until the seventh.

On that night, the goddess Thaya awoke and avenged the death of her siblings by cutting off the Bakunawa's head. An event replayed throughout the eons whenever the Bakunawa's Grave appears.

Since then the sadness of the moon pervades. Every night she sings a dirge for the lost brothers and sisters that she never got to meet.

The Song of Six and One

The first will fight for Heaven,

The second escapes the Hells.

The third will lead the Seven,

The fourth will sound the Bells.

The fifth will ask the questions,

The sixth shall say farewell.

On that night, the egg's shell will quake.

Together the seven, a new world will make.

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Jul 16, 2021 04:01 by Janelle

Both a prophecy and a song and that's great! I feel like I overuse the words "love it" XD -- so really, this was such a great read! I'm really loving the mythos and the epic feel behind this. :)

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