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Silversong Moon

On the fifth Shatter, the month of Nar, 3221 FA a third moon appeared in the skies over Erathia. A giant silver icosahedron erupted from the Shattered Moon to take its place near her lunar siblings.

With the rise of the new moon, a new goddess announced herself to the world: Jenevieve the Goddess of Fate, Changelings, Songs, and Siblings.

20-sided Moon

The newest moon rolls across the sky as it tumbles around the world. Most of its 20 sides are still completely smooth and unblemished. Some activity can be seen on a few of the facets.

Jenevieve's Facet - 20

The Palace of Changelings rises from the facet that the new goddess claimed as her own. It changes according to her interests, sometimes appearing as an elven palace, an immense skyship, or a bamboo kitchen. It is populated by faceless servants that may or may not be sentient.

Blue Goblin Facet - 18

At the request of her old friend Of the Forge the Spark, Jenny devotes one of the other facets to a colony of goblin refugees hiding from the wrath of the Infernal Forces. They have set up an idyllic settlement and are enjoying life free from those who persecute them.

Alternative Name(s)
Changeling Moon, Jenny's Moon, the Icosahedron, Molndal Moon
Planetoid / Moon
Characters in Location
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