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Hard working and serious. They are sometimes called the "Golden People", for their blonde hair, pale/golden skin and amber/hazel eyes.

They work the land of their native Molndal: farms, mines and forests. They hold famous harvest festivals where the tables are full of food, kegs of beer are emptied out, and secrets abound.

Additionally, some of the greatest singers and performers of the ages are of Molndalian blood.

Famously, the Golden Tridenser King, T'kor was half-Molndalian and the Molndalians claim him for their own.

The darkest moment in Molndalian history was the Betrayal of Alera Molndal, which led directly to the Kirinal Explosion. In the aftermath, a strong strain of infernal blood among them expressed with the revelation that a significant portion of Molndalians were actually tieflings.

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