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Session 11: Unexpected Journey to the Moon Report

General Summary

Legion of Light Debrief

After the debacle in the Anomalous Forest the crew returned home to the Bayanisun. The next morning Thirteen, Zernon, and T-R01D went to meet with Lt. Six Scratch to debrief. Flanked by lower ranked soldiers Six Scratch demanded to know what happened at Moon-a-palooza. Unintimidated, Thirteen, held her ground flanked by the largest members of PPAC. She threw the responsibility for the mass casualty to the Lt and the organizers; insinuating that maybe the massacre was an inside job. Lt. pushed back and Zernon took the opportunity to step forward looming over the significantly smaller cat humanoid and scared additional information from the scared kitty. Lt. confirmed they had been paying bribes for safety from the Dragon and Oni, but the last bribe may have been withheld. He also let loose that their lair is still untouched somewhere in the forest and it could hold a small horde of bribes.

Investigating Upstairs

While the scarier folks went to debrief the Lt., D’Wat, Oyx, and Fez went to meet up with the curious outsider they met outside of the casino. Oland Wizgard wanted to search out the top floor of the casino thinking that there was some wonky magical stuff happening there. He was in awe of Oyx, who is a Wizard Peak alum, Oland was sure that what they would find would help him get into Wizards Peak U. The group went to the dorm floor and Oland led them to a mirror at the end of a hall. He cracked the mirror and it showed two locks hidden beneath the shiny surface. D’Wat easily undid the steel lock, but Oyx found that the other lock was arcane and required a specific spell “Knock”. As the guys tried to piece together how they would gain access through the mirror they were startled by a Slat Blocker, Adminanium who manifested himself just behind the huddled group. He reminded Oland the bounds public space in the casino and shooed the guys downstairs for comped food and drink. As the group was rushed downstairs Oland palmed 25 gold to D’Wat and D’Wat told him to come back with a couple of knock scrolls and maybe we will all get to see what is behind the mirror.


PPAC regrouped in the Casino and they perked up after hearing the familiar hum of an extradimensional schism. They found the source of the feeling behind a door and looked upon what seemed to be a micro pit. The pit opened to what looked like the Ysgard plain of Musfilheim and the group was beckoned in by a larged winged serpent woman. The sly woman, though looking scary, gave off an air of beneficence and offered the crew three challenges; one for the mind, one for the body, and one for the soul. PPAC jumped at the chance to test their might and body and the Liland threw open a portal where the group could see the jagged shattered surface of the moon. The Liland asked that PPAC retrieve her treasure from an evil giant on the shattered moon and the company excitedly stepped through the portal.

Fetch Quest on the Moon

They found themselves atop the barrow shard of the moon surrounded by fissures and column like vines. Interdispersed between the occlusions they spotted five ogres and a large red giant overseeing the landscape. PPAC rushed into the fight full force. With Thirteen unleashing a crushing fireball on three of the Ogres and D’Wat painting himself shiny and chrome with a potion of adrenaline striking direct blows on the lead fire giant. Fez dash forward to meet an ogre head on and grapped with him and tossed him into a fissure. Oyx and T-R01d also downed two other ogres, with Oyx wipping one into a pit and T-R01d pile driving the other down to the moon’s surface. The angered giant jumped down from his perch and threw boulders at D’Wat. One boulder completely missed while D’Wat was able to dodge the other but it clipped his side dealing substantial damage. Zernon now on the same plane as the giant engaged him cutting deep. The final ogre squared up with T-R01d and tried to grappled him but falls into a pit and T-R01d laughed saying he wasn’t a hugger. Thirteen launched the giants killing blow from afar clearing the last foe on the field. The group searched and found the lilands treasure a clutch of her eggs. She opened a portal and collected her eggs and took up some of the giants blood and bottled it into six potions of fire giant strength. As she returned to her plain she opened another portal back to the bulwark and said it would remain open for a day giving the group a chance to explore moon.

The Tomb of Thaya

PPAC ever curious took to exploring happening upon the Tomb of Thiya. As they approached the tomb Thirteen’s mind was invaded. The sly voice that entered her mind beckoned her to become a vampire, to embrace undeath and gain the power she could never hope to have. Thirteen easily brushed away the psychic invader and though she considered his offer she ultimately rebuffed it. The vampire reminded her that the offer still stands and all she need do is call upon Santiago and place a little gift in Lola Carly’s residence. As the group searched near the tomb, they learned of something called the Flame of Thiya. Wanting to find this flame PPAC approached the tomb and as they drew close six figures stood in their way. D’Wat engaged this would be security force unleashing psychic blows on the werebear. Fez readied himself for battled with chrome paint filling his mouth as he rushed the group hurling two javelins of lightning knocking down half of the combatants. A would-be wizard began chanting and the air above most of PPAC grew hot, Thirteen recognized the oncoming fireball and countered it. As Thirteen dismissed the heatwave the combatant druid called up an ice storm. Seeing their comrades being hit by ice and cold T-R01d and Zernon provided aid. T-R01D’s cloud rune shown with a bright light redirecting the storms force from his comrades to the nearby sun priestess knocking her to the ground. Zernon rebuked the attack on his team and hurled it toward the mage caster. Oyx seeing a good shot unloaded his ammunition on their vampire foe obliterating it from the moons surface. As the attackers one by one turned into moon dust T-R01d and Fez advanced on the last standing foe, the mage. T-R01d advanced on her and threw her from her place on the tomb’s stairs wrapping her with his rope of entanglement. Fez raged on his advance and was engulfed in shadowy tentacles which lashed out at the mage, and he struck a winning blow. As the combatants were dispatched the door to the tomb opened beckoning the company to try their hand at the trial of the moon.
Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
Lucius Solara
Oyxuysi Oyxuys
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Fez the Jest
Report Date
07 Apr 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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