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Great Warren

The survival of the Great Warren after the moon shattered was quite a surprise to the members of the Shattered Moon Coalition who landed there expecting to find only extraplanar invaders. Their survival was a great testament to the power of life and the love the gods hold for us.

As a young orcling, my favorite stories from the Far War were about the defense of the Great Warren by the Mother Rabbit and her Owsla! I'm not usually into furries, but those rabbits sure could bring the pain!

The Great Warren is the home of the rabbitfolk people known as the Lapin. It is a network of tunnels and caverns dug into the Lapin Shard of the moon by the industrious Lapinites. The Warren is known as one of the most defensible points on the Shattered Moon, second only to the Sarch na Thaya manned by the elves of the Thayan Armada.

The Unshattered

The Great Warren is most famous for being the only settlement to survive the Night of the Shattered Moon. The unassuming rabbitfolk had lived on the moon since the beginning of history. They would occasionally visit the world below through magic portals, but they had the moon to themselves since it was resource-poor and hard to visit.

When the Bakunawa shattered the moon on the first night of the Far War the rabbitfolk were thought to be extinct, yet another casualty of the aberrant invaders. When the Thayan Armada finally arrived on the moon, they were surprised to discover Lapin warriors already fighting a guerilla war against the abominations of the Far Realm.

Somehow the Great Warren was thrown intact up into the air where it somehow remained floating in place. The future Lapin Shard was the first of the Shards of Thaya to coalesce. It retains its place of importance as a hub of transport and industry as well as the homeland of the rabbitfolk.

Balloon Port Town

Moon balloons were first created at the Great Warren and the Lapin Shard continues to be a manufacturing hub of those slow but steady aerial vehicles. The immense beech tree that has sheltered the Warren since before the Far War has been converted into a dock for balloons traveling from throughout the Shards.


Total Population: 8650
Primary Race: Charda
General Attitude: Positive and Indifferent
  • Children: 1730
  • Adults: 5622
  • Elderly: 1298
  • Ill/Infirm: 898
  • Known Criminals: 89
  • Urban Population: 4764
  • Rural Population: 3886


Road Construction: Wood Lined Roads
Main Irrigation: Border Strip Irrigation
Number of Districts: 4


Overall Architecture

  • Primary Building Style: Adobe
  • Secondary Building Styles: Clay Lined Fiber, Sun Dried Bricks, Stone, and Thatched
  • Aesthetics: Tasteful
  • Cleanliness: dirty
  • Upkeep: Handsom


District 1
  • Type: Docks
  • Population: 667
  • Primary Building Style: Sun Dried Bricks
  • Secondary Building Styles: None
  • Aesthetics: Tasteful
  • Cleanliness: Foul
  • Upkeep: Handsom
District 2
  • Type: Market
  • Population: 238
  • Primary Building Style: Stone
  • Secondary Building Styles: Clay Lined Fiber and Adobe
  • Aesthetics: Tasteful
  • Cleanliness: Orderly
  • Upkeep: Well-Kept
District 3
  • Type: Gate
  • Population: 429
  • Primary Building Style: Clay Lined Fiber
  • Secondary Building Styles: Adobe
  • Aesthetics: Artistic
  • Cleanliness: dirty
  • Upkeep: Lived-in
District 4
  • Type: Administration
  • Population: 333
  • Primary Building Style: Adobe
  • Secondary Building Styles: None
  • Aesthetics: Tasteful
  • Cleanliness: Orderly
  • Upkeep: Impeccable


Walls: Stone and Mortar Wall
Natural Defences: Hills and Bluff

Points of Interest

Special Features

  • Ancient Temple: 1.03 km east
  • Bluff: 3.96 km northeast
  • Rock Slide: 4.03 km northeast
  • Barrows: 5.82 km west
  • Sacred Ground: 8.32 km northwest


Slope Hills
Elevation: 301 m above sea level
Distance from the Marine Coast: 939.30 km
Ground Cover: 84%

Water Features

Crater Lake
  • Salinity: fresh
  • Depth: 89 m
  • Navigable: No
  • Aquatic Animals: Smelt, Catfish, and Clams


Cool Temperate Grassland
Avg. Annual Temperature: 4C
Avg. Annual Precipitation: 510 mm
Avg. Annual Snowfall: 1.41 m
Seasons: Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring
Prevailing Winds: southwest to northeast

Natural Resources


  • Igneous: Basalt
  • Metamorphic: Slate and Gneiss
  • Sedimentary: Laterite and Travertine


  • Minerals: Flouride
  • Precious: Gold


  • Semi-Precious: Citrine


  • Cool Seasons: Kaniwa and Quinoa
  • Food: Kaniwa and Quinoa


  • Leafy: Lettuce
  • Stem: Celery


Stone Quarries

Rock Pit
  • Gathers Travertine
  • 13 workers
  • Gathers Gneiss
  • 28 workers

Lumber Camps

Logging Camp
  • Gathers Poplar
  • 38 workers

Ore Mines

Open Pit Mine
  • Gathers Gold
  • null workers

Flora and Fauna

  • Livestock: Askanian (Sheep), Brahma Chicken, and Alpaca
  • Prey: Wild Rabbit, Squirrels, and Boar
  • Predators: Cougar and Gray Wolf
  • Aquatic: Smelt, Catfish, and Clams
  • Trees: Chestnut, Hornbeam, and Poplar
  • Grass: Pampas Grass and Feather Reed
  • Shrubs: Strawberry Bush, Black Chokeberry, and Tomato Plant
  • Moss: Spanish Moss


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